Complex Numbers

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Complex Numbers:

Complex Numbers After this lecture you should be able to: Understand what a complex number is Add and subtract complex numbers Multiply complex numbers Find the conjugate of a complex number Divide complex numbers Represent complex numbers on an Argand diagram Calculate the modulus and argument of a complex number Use modulus and argument to multiply complex numbers Express complex number using cos and sin Learning Objectives

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Complex Numbers Solve the equation:

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Complex Numbers Use z instead of x Imaginary part (Im) Real part (Re)

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Addition and subtraction of Complex Numbers

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Multiplication of Complex Numbers

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Conjugate of a Complex Number and division. REAL

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Conjugate of a Complex Number and division.

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Representing complex numbers graphically using an Argand diagram Vectors!!

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Modulus and Argument of a complex number. The argument of a complex number is such that:

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Multiplication of Complex Numbers using modulus and argument form

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Alternative form for modulus and argument

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