How To Show Brand Slider in PrestaShop?


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Brand slider in PrestaShop is an effective step to enable the customers to shop by brand i.e. with slider customers can easily buy products of their desired brand. More details about brand carousal here;


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Shop by Brands Setting Up Manufacturer and Suppliers Logos in PrestaShop


Hey, what’s up? I’m Alastair Brian, a professional PrestaShop Developer — the blog which I am discussing today is about SETTING THE BRAND & SUPPLIER LOGOS IN PRESTASHOP and the possible solutions to do this easily. Like this...

Slide3: Products Sorted by brand make shopping easy for the customers that finally Leads to Increased Sales


A better representation of shop’s Inventory can give better exposure to products. The best way to display products is to show them according to their brand. So that, each brand get equal exposure on your store.


Today, I'm going to show you Why product sorting is needed? How brand sorting works? How it can be implemented in PrestaShop? At the end, there will be a conclusion of this document.


WHY SORT PRODUCTS? SORTING is used everywhere in daily life and is equally important in E-commerce.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Some customers may like to buy products of a single brand. Then products sorting is must for your shop.


A customer like to buy computer, LCD, Mouse, Keyboard of “DELL”. Brand Sorted Products of DELL will definitely help him to buy products easily. TYPICAL EXAMPLE –


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Products sorted by brand will give better look to your store inventory.

Slide10: Inventory Management :

Slide11: How brand sorting works? Show brand logos on home page of your store. When customer click on any brand logo, products associated with that brand will be visible on a separate page.


How to implement shop by brand in PrestaShop?

Slide13: What you needed? You need to write a customer module for which you requires. Coding environment Time Expertise Budget

Slide14: Already Available Solutions If you lacks any of the needed resource given in last slide, we suggest you to use an already available solution like Manufacturer Slider PrestaShop Module that can do this job automatically.


Here are some top features of this sorting module Display logos on Product and category pages. Show brand slider on home page. Different slider skins. Enhanced Website Navigation. Select the no. of logos to be displayed.

Slide16: In next slides, You will see some back-end settings of this module which will help to setup the system easily on your store.


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Final Words The merchants who have large inventory in their store can get huge benefit from shop by brand sorting. In this way, they have an equal opportunity to sales products of all brands.


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