FMA Summits Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit

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FMA Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit Chicago 5/30/2014

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LG Electronics Home Entertainment Mobile Communications Home Appliance Air Conditioning & Energy Solution 2 2013 Revenue $56B Over Last 5 Years, Sales Growth CAGR Has Been 13% R&D Investment Of $1.7B+

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Building management system Outdoor LED lighting High efficient Air conditioner Solar cell Indoor LED lighting Smart Energy and control solution is most efficient, reliable and compatible system optimizing energy saving by eliminating energy waste with aesthetic design. LG offers a portfolio of energy solutions (Energy + Facility)

DLC Listings as of 5/29/14:

DLC Listings as of 5/29/14

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LG Office Case Study

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LG Design Model LED Essentials Highbay Voltage V 120 ~ 277 Lumen.flux lm 12,000 / 24,000 Power W 120 / 240 Efficacy lm/W 100 CCT K 4,000 CRI Ra 80 Weight kg 4 Beam Angle mm 110 / 50, 85 Dimmable O/X Sensor, 0 - 10V IP Rating 20 MP July, `14 ZigBee + Occ Sensor 2 Karabiner Install Industrial High Bay Products

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VRF Systems have double the energy efficiency rating of most package rooftop units VRF is an air-conditioning system comprised of refrigerant pipes connected to a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units VRF systems have been used in Asia and Europe for almost 25 years 1 VRF systems support flexible design options based on the property’s building requirements 1 ASHRAE Journal, June 2008, P-52 9

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LG’s Multi V VRF systems provide superior comfort and efficiency Energy Efficiency Ductless designs significantly reduces energy losses Variable compressor has up to 28.2 IEER rating Efficient and Stylish Designs Modular design consumes less space Copper piping retrofits easier and cheaper than air ducts Wide range of indoor units to fit any interior design Independent Zone Control Better zone control, heat or cool only the zones in use Ability to heat and cool zones simultaneously Sustainability Engineered for sustainable green buildings Opportunities to claim LEED® points and utility incentives 10

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LG is a global technology company focused on driving energy savings LG’s LED troffers are the world’s most energy efficient up to 140 lpw LG VRF systems can reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 50% To learn more about how LG technologies can help you with your energy programs, stop by our table Remember!

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