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Our Summits target owners, managers and operators of commercial, industrial, data center, manufacturing and retail facilities so that they may learn and understand how to better achieve and surpass their strategic goals of energy and operational efficiency, as well as, cost and usage reduction within their facilities.


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Energy Efficiency along with Renewable Energy (how GM is combining forces to support Energy Manufacturing Efficiency) San Antonio, 2013

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GM Global Environmental Compliance & Sustainability Rob Threlkeld , Manager, Renewable Energy 11/20/2013 San Antonio, 2013

Industry-Leading Position:

Industry-Leading Position Globally recognized for renewable energy commitment No. 1 automotive solar user in U.S. /No. 13 of top 20 solar-powered companies in U.S. 62MW: solar, landfill gas and biomass used today 30MW: current solar use with public commitment to double by 2015 125MW: renewable energy commitment by 2020 High exposure; efforts heavily reported by media and trade organizations “GM has set an example in renewable energy within its industry and beyond.” –Rhone Resch , Solar Energy Industries Association “Three of our plants in the U.S. produce anywhere from 17 to 25 percent of their total energy needs from landfill methane gas […] And two out of the five largest solar arrays in the world are General Motors’.” –Dan Akerson , Fortune “We understand the environmental and business benefits of using renewable energy and we look forward to building on it with our new commitments .” – Mike Robinson

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Data Management:

Data Management Purpose – Provide verified energy, water, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data from either utility invoices or meter data for plant and regional inter-company reporting and public reporting for GM LLC. Method – GM-2100 Global utility database Meter data (either hourly or monthly) Invoice data overwrites meter data EnTech provides data service with resources DATA

GM-2100 Data Inputs:

GM-2100 Data Inputs 6 Site data Weather Floor space Sector Location Invoices Meter readings Production data DATA

GM-2100 System Operations:

GM-2100 System Operations 7 Calculations & data analysis GHG Forecasts Scorecard Site & Utility Liaison DATA

GM-2100 Output:

GM-2100 Output 8 Information … on screen … or printed … charts … images … for use throughout the business, wherever utility data is needed Internal or External reporting DATA

Major Users of Services:

Major Users of Services 9 Bill Pay advantage is savings in late fees. Regions on SAP usually do not have late fee issues. Invoice method for data is viewed as optimum for verification by a third party. GM has 3 rd party verification for public data in 2012 & 2013 DATA

GM2100 Features:

GM2100 Features 10 Online Scorecard Charts Suggested forecast updated monthly using multiple variable regression analysis Export to Finance (GMNA) eliminates sending spreadsheet to plants Allows Energy per unit as Actual + Forecast (similar to Opel Vauxhall method) Tracking of opportunities to fund future energy projects to reduce consumption and intensity Tracking Renewable Energy Consumption and % vs. fossil fuel consumption GM Public Reporting (including non-manufacturing) DATA

PowerPoint Presentation:

11 GM Public reporting (includes non-manf.) Energy Greenhouse Gas - GHG Water 2012 Unofficial – 2.23 GM Sustainability report GOALS

Why GM reports to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP):

Why GM reports to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP ) Consistent with GM Environmental Principles CDP selected by GM Public Policy as one stop Greenhouse Gas (GHG) & Water reporting – Investors, Customers, NGOs, other stakeholders 25% of GM’s top 140 institutional shareholders are CDP members PROGRESS

GM Public Information reported to CDP:

GM Public Information reported to CDP 13 The CDP Questionnaire inquires about: Management: Strategies, Targets, Emissions reduction activities Risks & Opportunities: Regulatory, Physical, Other Emissions & Energy reporting: Energy use, Greenhouse gas emissions Supplier module: Allocation of emissions to requesting customers, collaborative emissions reductions, Tier 2 and beyond engagement, lifecycle emissions GM reported emissions to 3 requesting customers in 2012 260 Million tons CO2e Qualitative PROGRESS

Reputational Benefits:

Reputational Benefits Renewable energy fits under a corporate environmental pillar of energy efficiency Sustainability report highlights solar as one of five ways we’re leading NGOs like WWF and Union of Concerned Scientists support our efforts Continued engagement and forward movement builds corporate reputation, leading to topline growth Seeing strengthened reputation scores from communicating efforts, from GRI and CDP to media-based green rankings “A lot of people I know are surprised that I work for a car company but I don’t work on cars. When I tell them about all of the environmentally responsible things we’re doing at GM, I know I’m changing people’s opinions about our company .” – Anthony Davis

Customer Marketing Appeal:

Customer Marketing Appeal Renewable energy included in Chevrolet Ecologic label 63% of Malibu customers site “environmental friendliness” as “very important” reason for purchase Solar canopies used as “billboards” by Chevy and Cadillac dealerships Renewable energy and carbon footprint data included in fleet RFPs

Community and Employee Engagement:

Community and Employee Engagement Renewable projects deliver trust , credibility and “license to operate” in our communities Unlike other behind-the-scenes environmental efforts, solar power provides tangible, visible proof of GM’s commitment HR: Sustainability increasingly important to employees and new recruits 91% of 3,300 grad students reported social and environmental issues are very important or essential to a business’ long-term success . 83% said they’d take a 15% pay cut to work for an organization whose values match their own (Source: Net Impact) 8 in 10 people consider CSR when deciding where to work and what products to buy (Source: Cone Communications)

Ingenuity and Collaboration:

Ingenuity and Collaboration Solar programs result in partnerships driving advanced technology Positions GM as technology leader

Alignment with National Policy & Trends:

Alignment with National Policy & Trends Clean energy 1 of 3 steps in Obama’s Secure America’s Energy Future plan U.S. doubled renewable energy sources since 2008 U.S. national policy consistent with other countries Called on Obama administration for national energy policy First automaker to sign Ceres BICEP Climate Declaration United States General Motors “The carmaker joins companies such as Adidas Group and Intel that have signed the declaration; the companies want policymakers to address climate change through ideas such as encouraging use of clean energy and limiting carbon emissions.” –Melissa Burden, The Detroit News

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