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Colour of Roses Its Significance

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Roses to India One of the most mesmerizing forms of natural refreshment is flowers and what can be better than Roses. Interestingly each shade or colour of Roses has a distinct significance. Roses are preferred for beautiful presents and each variety is meant for a separate occasion or cause.

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White Rose White Roses - Representing innocence and purity as well as youthfulness white Roses also symbolizes eternal love and loyalty. Hence they are often called bridal roses and suitable to be sent on Anniversary and Marriage ceremony.

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Ivory Roses Ivory Roses - It is another beautiful form of white roses and it symbolizes thoughtfulness elegance and grace. Richness perfection and romance are also expressed through Ivory roses. One can gift them for expressing or proposing love and showing care and condolence.

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Yellow Roses Yellow Roses - Though yellow is a colour of jealousy the colour in Roses possess a different one. The beautiful Sun-color in this flower symbolizes friendship and caring. Hence they can be appropriate gift options for friendship days.

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Orange Roses Orange Roses - This color represents enthusiasm energy and fascination. Orange roses are beautiful options to demonstrate admiration and for encouraging others. A bouquet of orange roses is a bouquet of motivation.

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Red Roses Red Roses - Red is the symbol of love passion and romance. Red roses are used as the most classical gift on Valentines’ day. A set of Red roses is a beautiful alternative on marriage occasions too.

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Pink Roses Pink Roses - Pink is the colour of sweetness and femininity. Pink roses are symbolic of feminine elegance charm and sweetness. A set of Pink Roses can be an overwhelming gift for showing gratitude or saying - “Thank you”.

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Peach Roses Peach Roses - Just like the Pink ones Peach Roses represent gratitude and modesty. They can be sent as a beautiful and elegant “Thank you” note.

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Mixed Roses Mixed Colours - A bunch of mixed colour roses is symbolic of Unity and Strength. One can send them to encourage Unity.

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