Dear Kyoko

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Dear Kyoko… : 

Dear Kyoko…

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Baby Before you, that word never meant a thing to me Baby Now I know that without you, there’s no room to breathe Baby If I’m a pauper, you’re my queen Baby I give my all to you, and everything in between Baby Since you left me I can’t figure out this empty feeling inside my soul Baby It’s tearing me apart, I need you to love and to hold Baby These aren’t just words I write to you now, they’re from the depths of my heart Baby This love I give to you is my canvas, and together we can make art Baby I need you to know that I want you more than all the things money can buy Baby Cause all the money in the world couldn’t get me an angel if I tried Baby That’s what you are, a blessing sent from up high Baby You’re the Ritz to my cracker Baby The smile to my laughter Baby The light to my day Baby You’re the cool to my shade Baby Without you, I’d grow old bitter and grey Baby But with you, I know I’ll feel young inside Baby Cause you’re the spark to make this poor, miserable wreck come alive Baby I know that you’ve forgiven me time and time again Baby I’ve hurt you and I’m nowhere near perfect, I can’t even pretend Baby But if you can see yourself taking me back one more time Baby This won’t be like the last Baby Cause I mean it, I want you to be with me and me with you Baby Because you’re my soul mate, this love I know to be true

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