How To Claim For Flight Delays

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Log in Contact Us Article One  How to deal with compensation for your delayed flights  By flightdelay2015  26 / May / 2017 Under European law if you have faced a flight delay of three or more hours then you are entitled European flight delay compensation European flight delay compensation from the airline involved. If you arrive at your destination and you are three hours or more late then you could claim up to six hundred Euros in compensation. Of course airlines are famous for being money pinchers and will try every trick in the book to try and hold on to the compensation the legally have to pay you. The only time an airline is exempt from paying out is when the delay was caused by extraordinary conditions such as a strike or extreme weather conditions. In the past airlines tried to use technical faults as a reason and claimed that a technical fault was an extraordinary condition. However European courts ruled that technical faults were not an extraordinary condition and that this reason could not be used to avoid making compensation payments. To be eligible for compensation your flight must have departed from an airport in the Europe Union but be any worldwide airline or be arriving into the European Union and operated by a European airline. The flight also needs to arrive three or more hours late to the destination airport for passengers to be eligible to receive compensation. For flights less than one-thousand-five-hundred kilometres the rate of compensation starts at 250 Euros and for long haul flights that are more than three-thousand-five-hundred kilometres and flying between a European Union Airport and a Non European Union Airport and delayed by at least 4 hours then compensation is up to 600 Euros. Dealing with the airlines involved can seem like a daunting task and many of them will try to wriggle out of paying compensation for compensation for delayed flights delayed flights. The law is the law and this is where a specialist with experience in getting flight delay refunds flight delay refunds can come in handy. Your best chance of getting the money you are entitled to is to use a company that routinely assists EU passengers and that has a good track record of successful compensation claims for cancelled or delayed flights even for past flights taken in the last 6 months. As professionals who know of the reluctance among airlines when it comes to compensating passengers they will help you recover the reimbursement you are entitled to and make sure that the airline does not try to find loopholes or ways out of paying up. You could try to deal with the claim yourself but when you don’t know where to start or the appropriate steps to take the whole task can appear to be much more of a challenge than you first thought. When it comes to dealing with large companies such as the airlines it is best to have a company that knows how to deal with it on your behalf. With a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how the process works they can ensure you are compensated and that the process is as stress-free for you as possible. Blueway Limited is a UK company that has initiated Flight Delay Refunds to assist EU passengers in successful compensation claims even for past flights. They recognise that there is a lot of reluctance amongst airlines to compensate passengers and help you recover the reimbursement you are entitled to. For more information please get in touch with them at: Category: Category:  Claim Plane Delay Compensation Flight Delay Compensation Flight Delays Compensation Compensation for Cancelled Flight Delayed Flight Compensation User login Compensation How to Forex Flights Europe AdChoices Flights Europe What Is Forex Trading Forex AdChoices Flights Europe Forex Leverage Forex Futures AdChoices

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