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Post Colonialism & Queer Studies *Stephanie Cardona* *Maria Balbiani* *Kimberlie Osorio* *Diana Weaver* *Stacey Kroleski* *Romina Henriquez* Slide By: Stacey Kroleski

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Defintion of the aftermath of colonialism. It’s about the struggle of being independent. Slide By: Kimberlie Osorio Post Colonialism:

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Post colonial theory looks at issues of power, economics, politics, religion, and culture. The theory shows how these elements work in relation to colonial domination. (western colonizers controlling the colonized)). Slide By: Kimberlie Osorio

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Post Colonialism Compromises set of theories found amongst: Philosophy Film Political Science Human Geography Sociology Feminism Religious and Theological Studies Slide By: Diana Weaver

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Post Colonial Critics… Critique the terms "first-world," "second world,“ "third world," and "fourth world" nations. This critique includes the literary norm and histories written from the perspective of first-world cultures. Slide By: Kimberlie Osorio Question the role of the western literary norm and western history as leading forms of knowledge making..

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After being controlled by the large power for such a long time, they need to establish their own way of running things. Governments are supposed to act in the best interest of the people, but what do the people want? Nations have become independent and however their society changes, their culture changes. Now they need to figure out who they really are. Slide By: Kimberlie Osorio

Post Colonial Literature : 

Post Colonial Literature Post colonial literature works through the process of "writing back", "re-writing", and "re-reading". The works of literature that are defined as post colonial often record racism or a history of genocide, including slavery, apartheid, and the mass extinction of people. Post colonial theory looks at literature and society from two broad angles: How the writer, artist, cultural worker, and his or her context reflects a colonial past. How they survive and carve out a new way of creating and understanding the world. Slide By: Romina Henriquez

Post Colonialism as a Literary Theory: : 

Post Colonialism as a Literary Theory: Critical Approach Literature produced in countries that were once colonies of other countries such as Britain, France, and Spain. Deals with Cultural Identity in colonized societies. Slide By: Diana Weaver

Post Colonial Literature Writers : 

Post Colonial Literature Writers Slide By: Romina Henriquez Edward W. Said Ranked among the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century, with much of the field of post colonial studies springing directly or indirectly from his ideas. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak She is best known as a post colonial theorist, Gayatri Spivak applied deconstructive strategies to various theoretical engagements and textual analyses: from Feminism, Marxism, and Literary Criticism to, most recently, Post colonialism.

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Ueer? Something odd or strange from a conventional perspective Slide By: Maria Balbiani

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Queer Theory represents all of those who feel marginalized because his/her sexual practices are considered at odds with society. Slides By: Maria Balbiani

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Is a distinct way to analyze literature and cultural studies that rejects traditional categories of gender and sexuality. Queer Theory Disagree with heteronormativity Unique individuals Oppose binaries concepts Freedom of choice in sexual preferences. Slide By: Maria Balbiani

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The objectives for queer theory is to develop a diverse conscious about sexuality, possibly start a none-normative education, and fight against stereotypes. Slide By: Maria Blabiani

Queer Theory as a Literary Theory: : 

Queer Theory as a Literary Theory: Queer theory as applied in literature is used to mimic reverse change how society has defined sexual identity. Queer theory in it self is a series of writings used to destabilize the definition of sexuality since the late 1980’s. Slide By: Stephanie Cardona

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Queer Theory Literature Writers Slide By: Stephanie Cardona Focuses on the coherence of gender and sexuality Famously theorizes sex and sexuality as performative Judith Butler One of the most sought after writers for his use of Queer Theory The History of Sexuality touches upon the repression of the human sexuality and how sexuality is a core feature of our identities Michael Foucault

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We hope you enjoyed our slide show and now have a better understanding of post colonialism and queer theory. We have provided you with definitions, examples, relations to literature, and some known writers. Slide By: Stacey Kroleski

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