A Brief Overview Of Hand Surgery


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A Brief Overview Of Hand Surgery Our hands are the two main organs that help us carry out routne actvites. If one or both hands is completely numb it is possible to successfully treat impairment of the hands with hand surgery. Hand surgery allows an individual to bounce back to life because it is a treatment method based on the principle of orthopedics and plastc surgery. The hand is composed of diferent tssues and bones therefore the treatment methods to mitgate infammaton are also diferent. The diferent types of hand surgery are congenital hand surgery trauma surgery reconstructve surgery and repairing the degeneraton of joints and nerves. Copyright © 2014 Fitzmaurice Hand Institute. All Rights Reserved.

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Common Types Of Hand Surgery The types of hand surgery that can help treat hand pain include: Carpal Tunnel Release: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a conditon in which a person experiences numbness and tngling sensatons in the fngers and thumb. The main reason behind this conditon is excessive pressure on the median nerve. Surgery can relieve the pain as it releases pressure on the nerve by splitng the carpal tunnel ligament while the patents hand is under the efect of local anesthetcs. Dupuytrens Contracture Fasciectomy: Dupuytrens Contracture arises when a knot of tssue forms under the skin of the palm. The conditon can be relatvely painless during the inital stages but can result in skin nodules that pull the tendons of the fngers tght causing the fngers to curl inward. In the surgical procedure these knoty tssues are removed to release the extra pressure on the fngers. Copyright © 2014 Fitzmaurice Hand Institute. All Rights Reserved.

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Trigger Finger Release: Trigger fnger is a conditon in which the fngers can bend normally but are stuck when it comes to curling. The tendon that supports the curling has thickened and this is one of the main reasons for this tormentng conditon. Local injectons can treat the conditon but if the problem has reached the advanced stages then surgery remains the only way out. In surgery the tunnel of the hand is opened to remove the tendon in order to fx the impairment. If you are looking for a center that can ofer any of these hand surgeries in Phoenix then FitzMaurice Hand Insttute is your best choice. The physicians here are well trained and treat all the hand ailments through minimally invasive surgeries. Please call 480 696-6618 or visit ftzhand.com for more details. Copyright © 2014 Fitzmaurice Hand Institute. All Rights Reserved.

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