7 Ways Digital Transformation is changing the Pharmaceutical industry


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If you are finding it difficult to adapt to the important changes in healthcare marketing. Not only has it made inefficiency, it has also changed the pharma sector in a very fundamental idea.


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7 Ways Pharma Digital Marketing Companies are Changing Healthcare:

7 Ways Pharma Digital Marketing Companies are Changing Healthcare


The Indian pharma industry has gone digital with a vengeance. Even traditional organisations are either going digital on their own or relying on pharma digital marketing companies. This is in keeping with the global trends where the bulk of marketing is now digital. Not only has its brought in efficiency, it has also changed the pharma sector in a very fundamental way. This era is already ruled by apps and social media. The emerging healthcare software and IoT has made digital pharma increasingly personalised and specialised . Its effect on healthcare has been multi-dimensional. Let’s look at just some of these.

1. Service Driven:

1. Service Driven Studies show that patients today not just want better services, they expect it. Healthcare is no longer just about coming up with right diagnosis and prescribing the medicines. As the need for a more holistic health is realised , people are now looking for healthcare that is more rounded in its approach. Digital pharma marketing is filling up this space by providing the kind of services that a traditional pharma service simply cannot provide. With digitised marketing we can engage directly with the end users with innovative service that range from lifestyle coaching to caretaker support. Digital tools provide us with the means to have a one-on-one engagement that allowed us to create a tailored approach to healthcare.

2. Better Communication:

2. Better Communication Patient engagement is one of the largest drawbacks in the traditional mode. But as we move towards a more patient-centric approach, the need for better communication between healthcare providers, end users and pharma companies. Digital pharma companies are using innovative ways to achieve this objective. Better communication is a win-win situation for all. Healthcare providers are assured of a more engaged and involved patients, while the users themselves can manage functions like appointments, treatment selection and follow-ups more diligently.

3. Widening The Scope:

3. Widening The Scope In India where public distribution of essential goods and services is still inefficient, digital pharma companies can provide the right solution. A number of companies have a wide distribution network, better than brick and mortar companies. They cater to remote area, such as smaller towns. Unlike traditional pharma companies that only operate on the basis of the size of the market, digital companies deliver through third-party delivery systems. This is a patient-oriented system, unlike the market-oriented system of traditional companies.

4. Giving Scope To Alternative Medicine:

4. Giving Scope To Alternative Medicine India has been a leading source as well as market in alternative medicine. Ayurvedic products, gels and syrups have a wide acceptability. Unfortunately, these products are usually produced by small companies that are not as capable of a nation-wide distraction network. Pharma marketing company provides the perfect solution by catering to these hard to get medicines for a wider market.

5. Creating Better Public Healthcare:

5. Creating Better Public Healthcare Public healthcare is matter of partnership between the government and the private players. To be truly effective private players must be involved in the administration of public healthcare. Digital pharma companies can play a role here by educating people and ensuring a better distraction of medicines. But even more significant than that is the data gathering by the digital pharma companies. This is data on the health of a public. Outbreak or rise of certain diseases and health conditions can be traced and public health policies can be decided on the basis of that.

6. Personalised Care:

6. Personalised Care With wearable technology, digital pharma marketing companies have entered a new stage. Sensor technology can detect a whole host of information on the wearer, including blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and even sleep levels. It has made healthcare completely personal. Marketing companies are using the data in innovative ways — creating personal health plane, connecting with diagnosticians and so on.

7. Creating Patient Forums:

7. Creating Patient Forums Marketing can take many routes and one of them is to give voice to the consumer and actively engage with them. This gave rise to consumer forums and a place where people could voice their opinions, find support and even seek diagnosis. This has ultimately led to a more patient-centric approach with healthcare providers and institutions have learnt to engage with the wider public.


Conclusion The advent of pharma digital marketing companies has irrevocably changed our healthcare system. It has created a patient-centric approach which is more engaging, affordable, widespread and personalised .


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