Choosing The Right Treadmill

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Purchasing a treadmill is most importantly an investment in your health. So it is important that the machine you choose is suitable for your physical requirements and your fitness goals - whether they are performance based, general health and fitness, or rehabiliation.


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Choosing The Right Treadmill A step towards better health Ideal for home use convenient and very easy to use. These qualities combined with the health benefits associated with using a treadmill machine are why they have been the most popular exercise machine for years. Treadmill machines are an excellent way to burn calories away enhance your cardiovascular fitness build strength and manage your weight. Choosing the right machine Purchasing a treadmill is most importantly an investment in your health. So it is important that the machine you choose is suitable for your physical requirements and your fitness goals - whether they are performance based general health and fitness or rehabilitation. It is also important to consider your budget. You will find higher priced machines will have greater innovation sturdier construction better parts warranty larger running deck higher top speed and steeper incline. You can also find some of these top-end features on less expensive models however the price is generally an indication of the overall quality and performance of your machine.

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 Below 1000 will offer lightweight build with limited functionality  1000 to 2000 will offer strong build with good functionality  2000 to 3000 will offer premium build with excellent functionality  Above 3000 will offer top of the range for home fitness or commercial quality Specifications To Consider Running Area The taller the user the longer the running stride so it is important to choose a machine with a running deck long enough to suit your stride length. Most of our machines have deck sizes that are between 140cm to 150cm in length. Also deck width should be close to 50cm for comfortable movement. The cushioning system on a treadmill machine helps absorb the impact of your footfall which prevents joint strain. Some machines have a firm and stable feel while some offer a softer absorption and some are adjustable. It all comes down to personal preference so if you have any questions we are here to help you. A test workout at our showroom in Sydney can help you determine your choice. Motor and Construction A 2.0 and above continuous duty HP motor is ideal for home fitness continuous duty is a measure of horsepower under regular use. This would suit home joggers and runners. As a general rule the stronger the motor the heavier it can carry and the faster it can go. Also a major component in providing longer treadbelt life is the roller system. The larger the roller the less tension and wear on both the belt and roller bearings. Console Features and Motivation Consider which workout information or features will help keep you motivated throughout your workout. Each treadmill will offer the basic workout information on screen including time distance speed incline pulse and calories burned. Most machines will also offer quick touch options on the console so you can easily control your workout. Any other features are additional and you should consider whether they will be effective for your workout when choosing a machine. Incline Running or walking on an incline is great for calorie burning and most machines will have up to 10 automatic incline levels as standard. Higher priced machines will offer higher incline options.

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Workout Programs Most machines will feature a number built-in workout programs to keep your routine fresh with variety. These are usually goal-based programs based on intensity calorie burn incline etc. Some machines also have the ability for you to design your own workouts and create user profiles. Heart Rate Control While most treadmills will have heart rate pulse grips that you can hold onto to display your pulse rate on screen some offer a chest strap included so you can stay in the calorie burning zone hands free. Other machines also feature heart rate based programs. Warranty Term Most quality treadmills will offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year or two on other components. Generally the longer the warranty the higher the treadmill quality. Be sure to choose a machine with a warranty that covers the motor parts and labour. So which brand Fitness Deals Online stock some of the strongest treadmill brands on the Australian market including NordicTrack ProForm and Spirit Fitness. These are quality world-renowned brands each with their own unique design value and warranty structure to consider. Source:

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