beauty skin care tips - FACTS and MYTHS about skin care

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beauty skin care tips - FACTS and MYTHS about skin care


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There are lots of myths about skin care as well as clear facts. Here we put five common myths and facts straight. For example is it true that you need to tune the skin to age Can you eat for a healthy skin And does it matter what cream you use Five fables 1. Skin care must be tailored to age No. A good skin care is tailored to the condition of the skin. One woman in her forties with an already dehydrated skin needs a creamy moisturizing cream while the other with a very oily skin certainly should not use rich cream. The skin type best determines what skin suits it. 2. There is no difference between day and night cream That is not true. There is indeed a difference between a day and night cream. A day cream protects the skin against external influences such as UV light. A night cream nourishes and supports the skins recovery process. 3. Which chemicals in creams are unhealthy Not true. Both substances can be safe or unsafe as substances from the laboratory. Sometimes natural substances are toxic. Modern cosmetic products are well tested before they reach the market and are safe. 4. Cosmetics is a luxury No. Beauty is more than makeup and pampering. We also use cosmetics for our personal hygiene. Think of toothpaste shampoo and deodorant. Also everyday cleaning of the skin is necessary as is the use of sunscreens to prevent sunburn and skin aging. Of course there are "unnecessary" cosmetics such as make-up. But with makeup you tend to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses giving your confidence a boost.

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5. A summer tan washes off in the shower or after scrubbing. No. The tanning process starts in the pigment cells. Since the color is created. This pigment protects the skin against UVB radiation from sunlight. Only if you do not come into the sun the pigment production stops. The pigment then fades from the skin which then becomes increasingly whiter. Four facts 1. It is important to moisturize the skin both from within and from without. Yes this is correct. Pamper your skin with a moisturizing cream and drink enough to keep your skin as moist as possible. This keeps the skin more healthy and beautiful. 2. Existing wrinkles will not disappear but may fade with an anti-wrinkle cream. Yes. Thats right. People often think that wrinkles disappear with an anti-wrinkle cream. Unfortunately a wrinkle that is already there does not leave. Or you can with a good anti-wrinkle cream fade or make it less deep. Therefore it is important to start early with a good skin care. That can certainly slow the process of wrinkle formation. 3. The womans skin is more susceptible to pigmentation than mens skin Unfortunately thats true. Changes in hormone levels can cause malfunctions in the pigment formation. But there are other causes of pigmentation.

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4. What you eat affects the condition of the skin True. The vitamins minerals and other micronutrients in our diet contributes to a healthy body and a healthy skin. We can also externally feed our skin with products containing vitamins and other valuable nutrients.

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