recipe for salmon patties

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Presentation Description You can find countless tested recipes for salmon patties, partly simply because so many people take pleasure in this yummy treat.


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Recipe For Salmon Patties:

Recipe For Salmon Patties

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You can find countless tested recipes for salmon patties, partly simply because so many people take pleasure in this yummy treat. This is an amazingly versatile meal as it will work well as a light-weight main course and as an appetizer as well. To be able to uncover strategies to top rated and highlight the variants in this particular food you'll find not one but two possibilities of which deliver the results effectively. The first is a very regular mayonnaise based topping that will work because of the creamy texture. The other, a hot sauce such as Frank’s Hot Sauce will also work well and each will bring out different flavors and aspects of this dish. This recipe is tasty and is very easy to prepare. Even children love the taste of this dish. If you want to make sure that you use up leftover salmon from a meal you can use this recipe to do so. Ingredients ¼ c. good quality vegetable oil 1 fresh, large egg, whipped 1 c. cornmeal (use yellow cornmeal rather than white) 1 can salmon or leftover salmon to make 14. 5 ounces worth of fish ½ c. crumbled saltine crackers or other soda crackers 1 cup fresh lemon zest shredded finely To Prepare: Heat vegetable oil in large skillet on medium-high heat. Combine salmon and egg in a medium sized mixing bowl. Egg should evenly coat fish. Once fish is evenly coated, mix in saltine crumbs and work mixture until it becomes firm. It will be ready once you are able to form small patties from the salmon mixture. Use enough mixture to form balls approximately 3” in diameter.

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The moment salmon balls are ready, put together flour by placing it into a plate that may be wide as well as deep. Throw balls in four and place them in big frying pan. Be careful not to permit heated oil to splash out of pan. Flatten balls into patties using spatula once they are in pan. Cook patties by browning on each side. Patties will be fully cooked when they are golden brown on each side. Eradicate patties from heated oil and place all of them on a plate that has been layered with paper towels. This will likely help patties drain and definitely will take away any unnecessary oil. So that you can serve, top patties with all your preferred mayo sauce or maybe a awesome sauce that is certainly hot and spicy such as Frank’s Red Hot sauce. One to two patties may be enough for a light appetizer whereas you might need to serve more if they are now being used as a primary course instead. To find out more info on rainbow trout recipes visit this site, http:// .

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