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perforamnce appraisal related to nursing subject .


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INTRODUCTION It is also called performance evaluation, performance review, employee appraisal. It is assessment of how staff members are doing their job.


Continue... It is process of the evaluation of the individual performance and progress in the job and assessing their potential for future development


Continue... Employee performance is the product of three underlying factors -: Ability Motivation Environment A defect in any of the three will impair his performance.


DEFINITION It is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. Performance appraisal are a part of career development and consist of regular reviews of employee performance with in organization.

Objectives :

Objectives To provide an opportunity for feedback on work performance. To identify and remove dissatisfaction. To identify area of growth for employee and organization. To develop role clarity.


Continue... 5. To provide coaching, counselling, career planning and motivation to subordinates. 6. To diagnose strength and weakness of individual .


1) Clarify performance expectations- : It verifies for people either they did understand what was expected of people of them or they need to clarify these expectations. PURPOSES


Continue... 2) Reinforce construction behaviour- It confirms that people are performing well and providing positive feedback . It emerges constructive behaviour , increases motivation and promotes job satisfaction .


Continue... 3) Correct unsatisfied behaviour-: Correcting unsatisfied behaviour is often thought of us the only purpose for evaluation. Poor performance must be acknowledged & step must be taken to correct it.


Continue... 4) provide recognition:- Recognition for good work is done , a powerful and inexpensive reward for good performance.


Continue... 5) Increase self awareness :- Feedback help people identify their strength and strength and weakness so that their efforts can be directed toward reinforcing strengths developing more skills in areas of weakness.

Principles of performance appraisal:

Principles of performance appraisal 1) Assess performance in relation to behaviourally stated work goals. 2) Observe representative sample of employee total work activities. 3) Compare supervisor evaluation with employee self evaluation.


Continue... 4) Indicate which area have highest priority for improvement. 5) Evaluation conference should be held in good atmosphere. 6) The purpose of evaluation is to improve work performance and job satisfaction.

Essentials of effective P A system:

Essentials of effective P A system 1) Individual differences. 2) Mutual interest. 3) Standardization. 4) Clear objectives. 5) Documentation. 6) Training.


Continue... 7) Feedback and participation. 8) Job relatedness. 9) Post appraisal interview.



1. Informal :

1. Informal It is a continuous process that occurs often and whenever it is needed rather than according to schedule.

2. Formal :

2. Formal It is usually having an explicit structure including specific forms to fill out and time tables for carrying out the procedure. May occur only once or twice a year.


Continue... There are two forms -: one is for six month another is for one year. Evaluation form is filled and sent by the ward incharge.

Tools of performance appraisal:

Tools of performance appraisal Job dimension scale (JDS) Trait rating scales (TRS) Peer review Management by objectives (MBO) Self appraisal Essays Checklists Behaviourally anchored rating scale (bars)

Purposes of performance appraisal tools:

Purposes of performance appraisal tools Findings deficit in nursing practice Improving deficit areas by making person aware and giving guidance and counselling. To motivate employees by providing feedback about their work.


Continue... 4) To improve communication supervisor and employees, and to reach an understanding on the objectives of job . 5) To establish standards of job performance.

Process of performance appraisal :

Process of performance appraisal 1) Establishing performance standard. 2) Communicating the standard. 3) Measuring the performance. 4) Comparing the actual performance with the standard. 5) Discussing the appraisal. 6) Teaching corrective action.

Problems in performance appraisal:

Problems in performance appraisal 1) Lack of reliability- : Lack of consistency among different raters may reduce the reliability of the performance appraisal. 2) Incompetence -: Raters may fail to evaluate the performance accurately due to lack of knowledge and experience.


Continue... 3) Negative approach-: Performance appraisal loses most of its value when the focus of management is on punishment rather than on development of the employees. 4) Lack of knowledge- : The staff appraising performance of employees might not be trained and experienced enough to make correct appraisal.

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