How to Start Commercial Fish Farm


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For more economic benefits, fish farmers must be clear about how to start a commercial fish farm, including practical market analysis, proper site selection, process of fish farming, advanced management mode and superior fish farm equipment, etc.


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When it comes to how to start a fish farm especially a commercial one fish farmers need to analyze the market be cautious about site selection persist in the principle of scientific design and strict construction quality control and carry out high- efficiency fish farm management mode etc.

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Market Analysis in The Prior Period Site Selection of Commercial Fish Farm Fish Farm Management Mode

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Market Analysis in The Prior Period It’s very important to conduct the practical market analysis for commercial operation. Through the strong foundation of analysis fish farm businessmen can be fully aware of the factors influencing demands exploit potential market and make reasonable arrangement of products allocation all of which can help to reduce faults improve the scientificity and validity of decision making thereby lower the business risk to the minimum.

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S i t e S e l e c t i o n o f Commercial Fish Farm 01 Abundant water with good water quality 02 Appropriate soil property 03 Fit and proper terrain 04 Easy transportation and better source of fish feed

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Fish Farm Management Mode Except for the advanced cultivation technology modern and high-efficiency fish farm management is also very important for starting a successful fish farm business. With good fish farm administration mode owners can make sure their staffs operate according to standards avoid unnecessary loss and enhance the working efficiency thus achieving the biggest profits.

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Fish Farm Management Mode Fingerling releasing management Feeding management Fish feed management Breeding log management

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Importance Necessity of Fish Feed In the whole cost of running commercial fish farm fish feed can occupy a large part because of the high price average up to 50-60 some even up to about 70. Therefore lowering fish feed cost is very significant for better economic benefits. Here FANWAY provides several points to help decrease the fish feed cost such as breeding superior quality fingerlings keeping good water quality preventing fish disease feeding fish properly ensuring fish feed nutrition and most importantly producing fish feed by your own via fish feed machine.

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Advantages of Pellet Fish Feed Machine 1.Fish feed pellets from FANWAY fish feed machine have uniform blend and balanced nutrition. 2.Improve palatability of fish feed and increase feed intake. 3.Practices show that using fish feed pellet after several months cannot only lower over 90 digestive disease but also strengthen the immune system of fish and reduce the happening of epidemic disease. 4.Raise healthy growth speed and shorten marketing period.

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