Advantages and Disadvantages Of Different Fish Tank Filters


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Setting up a good fish tank filter will make a great difference to the quality of life of your fish and the enjoyment you get from this great hobby.


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Advantages And Disadvantages:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Fish Tank Filters

All Fish Tank Filters Are Not Created Equal:

All Fish Tank Filters Are Not Created Equal

Corner Fish Tank Filters:

Corner Fish Tank Filters Sits on the bottom of the fish tank, above the gravel in a corner of the fish tank. The box contains layers of floss and charcoal through which water is suck through and filter before exiting from the top. The advantage of the Corner Filter is that it is dirt cheap. However, they are not very efficient and would not be able to keep the water clear for long. And the floss and charcoals needs to be clean frequently

Sponge Fish Tank Filters:

Sponge Fish Tank Filters Water is filtered through a couple of layers of sponge. While it is slightly better than a Corner Filter and just as cheap, it too is not very efficient and needs frequent cleaning. The advantage is that it does not stir up the water too hard and is ideal for fry tanks and quarantine tanks.

Undergravel Fish Tank Filters:

Undergravel Fish Tank Filters A good low budget filter which does not generate too strong currents in your tank. Once the undergravel fish tank filter is allowed to function for a while, it does quite a good job in maintaining the clarity of the water. Dirty water is forced to flow down the tank through the gravel where is trapped in the empty space beneath the filter’s plastic grate. It is the gravel that does most of the filtration so if your fish tank water is cloudy, it will take a couple of days to clear up properly. It will also require an additional pump for sucking the water through the gravel

External Side Fish Tank Filters:

External Side Fish Tank Filters The filter sits in a box that is hung at the side of the fish tank and does all its filtration outside the tank. Water is suck through a tube which travels through a series of filters that performs biological, mechanical and chemical filtration before it flows into a through that spills back the clean water from the top. The advantage of using this filter is that it only needs a weekly or fortnightly cleaning and clears up cloudy water pretty quick. But because of the strength of its suction, it does have the tendency to suck small fish so you should not use this if your fish are too small.

Canister Fish Tank Filters:

Canister Fish Tank Filters The Canister filter is the ideal filter to use if you have the budget and are serious about your hobby. They need very little maintenance and does an excellent job at keeping your fish tank water clear and pristine. They are the ideal fish tank filter for busy people who just cannot find the time to clean their fish tanks. They are however expensive and are a little strong so you should only consider a Canister Fish Tank Filter if you have a nice large fish tank.

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