Steel Fixing Types and Uses


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Steel fixings are different types. The doc contains information on different types of steel fixing. Check it out now!


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Steel Fixing Steel Fixing And Their Uses

slide 2: Steel Fixing Steel fixing is the best fit mechanical anchoring solutions for heavy loads. The subcategories of steel fixing includes: ● Bolt anchor ● Concrete screws ● Sleeve anchor ● Undercut anchor ● Nail anchor ● Hammerset anchor ● Additional steel anchor

slide 3: Each type is designed for a particular purpose.

slide 4: Bolt anchor Most commonly used anchoring solution for high performance requirement.

slide 5: Concrete screws The benefits of using concrete screws include corrosion resistantlong life and cost-effective.

slide 6: Sleeve anchor Sleeve anchors are high performance and the most versatile masonry expansion anchors. These are useful for time saving mounting.

slide 7: Undercut anchor The anchoring system for top safety in cracked concrete Nail anchor The installation-friendly hammerset anchor for multiple fixings

slide 8: Hammerset anchor Hammer Set anchors are ideal for anchoring in sanitary heating and climate control areas Additional steel anchor Highly customized set for various industrial purposes.

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