The Impact of E-Commerce on the Global Economy

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The Impact of E-Commerce on the Global Economy:

The Impact of E-Commerce on the Global Economy

Slide 2: Ecommerce is one that has a profound and radical effect for businesses that is located all over the world It is more powerful than the traditional resources P ossible for people to shop online from their comforts of their home regardless of the geographical location

Slide 3: A ble to remove the geographical barriers successfully H elped customers to come into contact with vendors without hassles

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drastic change in the traditional market helped many small businesses as they no longer require to have a physical office that caters at a particular geographical location I mpact of ecommerce

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the impact on the global economy is so immense that the targeted audience can be reached without wasting time and economic resources t he target market is easily reached with the aid of effective internet marketing techniques

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influenced everything right from the production to the service levels that many companies are able to do business with t his change is a very significant one and it is here to stay faced with the main challenge of having to stay ahead of their market competitors with the shifts in technology

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global economy has also affected countries that are not so economically sound and it has acted to take them to the forefront on international trade and commerce Ecommerce crosses all economical and political barriers and this in turn gives rise to more effective marketing techniques that has the ability to penetrate all barriers carries with it a number of benefits and it has worked wonders for both small and big businesses enhanced sales and increased profits

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