Why You Need To Go To Church

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By attending the church on regular basis, you can meet with God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and other hosts of heaven. Have you ever thought about what benefits you get when you go to church? If not, then visit http://firstmountzionbc.org/


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Why You Need To Go To Church:

Why You Need To Go To Church

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For becoming a holy spirit of the God, one must have to fulfill His desires such as go to church, do prayers and talk with God. Thousands of Christians have lots of reasons for not going to church but if you go to the place of God, you will be blessed by His great blessings.

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Although you can read the bible yourself, pray in your house and watch the men of God preach on TV or the internet yet you can’t compare these things with those when you are present at God’s house .

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Going to church doesn’t mean that you can meet with your fellow Christians, but there you can meet with God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and other hosts of heaven. You can visit First Mount Zion Baptist Church . You will get lots of benefits when you go to church and some of them are described below :-

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1. Meet with Beauty: - Church is called that place where God dwells. When you go to that place as a holy spirit, you will definitely meet with the beauty of unity and glory of God from the opening prayer, through the word time to closing prayer. You will feel satisfied when you leave the church and you will desire to return there again and again.

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2. Get Strength: - You will get strength when you go to the house of God. This place is also called a service center because when you encounter the Almighty God, you will be strengthened. As you have heard that iron sharpens iron, just like that God sharpens the countenance of everyone who appears in His house .

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3. Gather Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding: - You can receive wisdom, knowledge, and understanding at that place where God dwells. It is proven that when you have many questions, confusions in your mind that make you disturbed and you go to church for praying, you will definitely get knowledge and understanding of such issues for handling them wisely.

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4. Get Answers of Your Prayers: - When you go to church and pray to God, He doesn’t store your prayers but will answer all of your prayers. It is believed that God hears prayers that’s why people go to church for praying.

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These reasons are not enough to praise the God and His blessings. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons for going to church and praying to God. Christian Church Dale City Va is one of the best places where you can go and encounter with Almighty God .

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http ://firstmountzionbc.org /

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