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In java string is basically a dissent that addresses gathering of consume regards. An assortment of characters works same as java string.

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The java string charAt method returns a char value at the given index number. The index number starts from 0. It returns StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if given index number is greater than this string or negative index number.

slide 4:

The java string compareTo method compares the given string with current string lexicographically. It returns positive number negative number or 0. It compares strings on the basis of Unicode value of each character in the strings. If first string is lexicographically greater than second string it returns positive number difference of character value.

slide 5:

The java string concat method combines specified string at the end of this string. It returns combined string. It is like appending another string.

slide 6:

The java string contains method searches the sequence of characters in this string. It returns true if sequence of char values are found in this string otherwise returns false.

slide 7:

The java string endsWith method checks if this string ends with given suffix. It returns true if this string ends with given suffix else returns false.

slide 8:

The java string equals method compares the two given strings based on the content of the string. If any character is not matched it returns false. If all characters are matched it returns true. The String equals method overrides the equals method of Object class.

slide 9:

The String equalsIgnoreCase method compares the two given strings on the basis of content of the string irrespective of case of the string. It is like equals method but doesnt check case. If any character is not matched it returns false otherwise it returns true.

slide 10:

The java string format method returns the formatted string by given locale format and arguments. If you dont specify the locale in String.format method it uses default locale by calling Locale.getDefault method. The format method of java language is like sprintf function in c language and printf method of java language.

slide 11:

The java string getBytes method returns the byte array of the string. In other words it returns sequence of bytes.

slide 12:

The java string getChars method copies the content of this string into specified char array. There are 4 arguments passed in getChars method.

slide 13:

The java string indexOf method returns index of given character value or substring. If it is not found it returns -1. The index counter starts from zero.

slide 14:

The java string intern method returns the interned string. It returns the canonical representation of string. It can be used to return string from pool memory if it is created by new keyword.

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