Tips for Following Up After the Job Interview

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It has become a necessity in today’s times to use the most effective methods of following up after a job interview to score some easy points with the recruiter and secure a job.


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Tips for Following Up After the Job Interview:

Tips for Following Up After the Job Interview

The 3-Paragraph Rule:

The 3-Paragraph Rule Briefly thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the position. Discuss a couple of your strengths and how the company would benefit if you were hired. Consider using bullet points to break up your text. Include any points of clarifications you might have. Include answers to questions that you weren’t able to answer during the interview, or add new info about yourself that was left out of the interview. But, remember, keep it brief.

Splurge on the Good “Thank You” Paper:

Splurge on the Good “Thank You” Paper Sending a hand-written thank you note via snail mail adds a charming touch, and further showcases your gratitude for their time.

Double Check Their Names:

Double Check Their Names Candidates should “double check the spelling of the interviewer’s name, his or her title, and the address of the company,”

Avoid Follow-up Faux Pas:

Avoid Follow-up Faux Pas After you have written your notes, double check to ensure that you have avoided these common mistakes: Repetition Negativity Cheesy emoticons and exclamation points Informal language Grammar/spelling errors.

Don’t Call Them, They’ll Call You:

Don’t Call Them, They’ll Call You Usually, toward the end of an interview, hiring managers will indicate a general time for when they will contact you. If this was not addressed, be sure to ask them to give you an idea in your initial follow-up e-mail . Only call the employer if that date has passed.

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