3 Keys To Customizing Your Resume

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We are providing a lot about the importance of investing time into every job application you submit, even if it means applying for fewer jobs.


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3 Keys To Customizing Your Resume:

3 Keys To Customizing Your Resume

Utilize Proper Language:

Utilize Proper Language Ensure your resume contains the same language found in the job advertisement . Many companies use junior human resources staff as the first reviewers for the resumes they receive.  Since HR staff typically know a lot about HR and less about the business of their company, they often look to match your resume with the keywords used in the job ad.

Optimize Your Resume With Keywords:

Optimize Your Resume With Keywords For a job seeker who is looking at several different industries, matching keywords can be the most time consuming part of the process. Although both jobs essentially involve bringing in money for the employer, the nonprofit industry talks about “fund-raising” while the sales industry talks about “market share.” In order to save herself the hassle of changing the language of her resume every time she applies for a job, this job seeker would want to design both a standard nonprofit resume and a sales resume as the basic documents to work from for either type of job.

Put Important Details First:

Put Important Details First Another way to customize your resume for a specific job opening is to construct the various sections of your resume in the same order as the items listed in the ad . As you start or continue your job search process, keep a standard resume on hand for each industry in which you’re looking, and adjust the keywords and section order as needed. Employers will appreciate it!

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