Best Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn

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Millions of job seekers who previously worked with recruiters to land great jobs are now finding that those same recruiters are overwhelmed with great candidates. Firmnxt, recruiters themselves report that they have a superabundance of great candidates and too few jobs to place folks into.


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Best Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn:

Best Steps To Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn

Create A Recruiter-friendly Linkedin Profile:

Create A Recruiter-friendly Linkedin Profile A brand “you” summary showcasing your experience, achievements, and credentials. Brief, achievement-driven position overviews. Clustered work history that tells a story rather than a long list of positions that distracts from your brand. Brand-focused content that sets your candidacy apart from others seeking the same roles. Keywords in the locations in your profile where the LinkedIn search engine looks for them .

Put Your Network At Their Disposal:

Put Your Network At Their Disposal Craft a message offering the recruiter access to your professional network. Mention the titles of some of the folks in the industry you know to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your contacts. Be specific and comprehensive in doing so (without going overboard) to impress the recruiter with the wealth of contacts you have in the industry. Invite the recruiter to let you know when they seek to fill their next requisition so you can suggest referrals that may help in filling it .

Offer Your Expertise:

Offer Your Expertise Wait 1-2 weeks, then send a second message introducing yourself again (it’s best to assume they won’t remember your last communication) and offering to serve as an industry expert should the need arise. List a few of the industry topics you are most well-versed in and the industry best practices you have the most experience with so they know in which areas you can offer them the most support .

Suggest Introductions:

Suggest Introductions Wait another 1-2 weeks and then send a third message describing 1-2 potential candidates they may be interested in. Comb your network for such candidates and request permission of them to promote their candidacy to an industry-appropriate recruiter. Make sure you choose candidates who won’t be competing with you for the same kinds of jobs. Offer to connect the recruiter with the person(s) you showcased in your email .

Share A Resource:

Share A Resource Wait another 1-2 weeks and send a fourth message offering an industry-specific resource to the recruiter. Keep your resource recent and relevant. Don’t send something they are likely to have found easily on their own. Include a sentence or two about why you found this resource helpful or injecting your own opinion and perspective on the subject .

Tell Them What They Want To Know:

Tell Them What They Want To Know A subject line that briefly highlights your target title, amount of experience, area of expertise, and openness to relocation. A 1-sentence opening that invites them to consider your candidacy. 2-3 possible titles of interest Industries and sub-sectors Sizes/types of companies you want to join Your key strengths 1-2 of your best achievements Areas you will relocate to

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