Top Best Financial Modelling Courses in Delhi

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Top Best Financial Modelling Courses in Delhi, Investment Banking Institute Excel Training India provides Placement Job Assistance right after 6-Week program. Financial modelling Courses is a critical skill for accountants and finance professionals. This bundle covers everything you need to know about financial modelling Courses. Financial Modeling is the practical application of finance taught in Commerce and Finance degrees. Where regular education equips the learner with KNOW-WHAT of finance, this program adds on by giving them KNOW-HOW.


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Slide1: Financial Modelling Courses Investment BANKING INSTITUTE 9312222566 7428449489

Slide2: Financial Modelling for Valuations 9312222566 7428449489

Slide3: Financial Modelling in Excel This course is part of the  Financial Modelling Online Series : Financial Modeling refers to the process of building a structure that integrates the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and supporting schedules to enable decision making in areas like, Business Planning and Forecasting, Equity Valuation, Credit Analysis/Appraisal, Merger/acquisition analysis, Project Appraisal etc. Financial Modelling for Non Financial Modellers   (Financial Modeling for Dummies) Financial Modelling in Excel (Intermediate) Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel 9312222566 7428449489

Slide4: Modules in this Course 2.1 About Financial Modelling Introduction to Financial Modelling course (Intermediate) Anatomy of a Financial Model Excel Versions What’s New in Excel 2016 Best Practice in FM Overview of Scenario Analysis Methods 2.2 Excel Tools Mixed Referencing and Named Ranges Conditional Formatting External File Links Protecting, Hiding & Grouping 2.3 Essential Formulas Aggregation Functions LOOKUP Fundamentals Practical Capital Budgeting with LOOKUP functions Using FORECAST / TREND functions Formula Selection 2.4 Financial Modelling Techniques Skills Needed for Financial Modelling What Makes a Good Financial Model? Building Error Checks What-if Analysis with Goal Seek Calculating the WACC Calculating NPV & IRR 9312222566 7428449489

Slide5: 2.5 Building a Business Case Business Case – Calculating Staff Costs Business Case – Adding Compounding Inflation Business Case – Forecasting Customer Numbers Business Case – Forecasting Customer Revenue Business Case – Modelling Market Penetration Business Case – Project Evaluation (NPV & IRR) Business Case – Project Evaluation (Payback Period) 2.6 Analysing and Presenting your Model Assumptions Documentation Methods Business Case – Scenario Analysis Charting on two axes and Chart Types Business Case – Dynamic Charting Presentation of Model Output 9312222566 7428449489


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