Different Types of Water Softener Systems

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Different Types of Water Softener Systems:

Different Types of Water Softener Systems

Salt-Based Ion Exchange Softener:

Salt-Based Ion Exchange Softener By cycling water through two tanks, a salt-based ion exchange softener eliminates most of the mineral residue that contaminates your water. It employs two separate tanks: one filled with brine and another with special resin beads.

Salt-Free Water Softener:

Salt-Free Water Softener Instead of sodium, a salt-free softener uses a potassium chloride salt substitute. This makes it particularly useful for people that are concerned about excessive salt intake. In reality, this type of water softener works as a scaler, preventing mineral from accumulating and forming harmful deposits.

Dual-Tank Water Softener:

Dual-Tank Water Softener Water softeners need regular recharging in order to work properly. During recharging periods, water softeners can’t function. For that reason, dual-tank softeners use two tanks that function alternatively whenever the other one needs recharging.

Magnetic Water Softener or Descaler:

Magnetic Water Softener or Descaler Clipped onto the incoming pipe, the electronic or magnetic water softener creates a magnetic field that changes the electromagnetic properties of the calcium carbonate minerals. As a result, these mineral particles repel both the metal pipes and each other. This way, deposits will not form anymore as they used to.

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