What to do if UC claims are denied

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Is your UC claims are denied then look out for these points in presentation and also mean while view this post http://fileunemployment.org/suspended-unemployment-benefits to get more information


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Unemployment Insurance Claims Are Denied:

What to do if your Unemployment Insurance Claims Are Denied

What are common reasons behind claim denials?:

What are common reasons behind claim denials? Following are the most commonly seen reasons behind claim denials in UI Failure to satisfy all rules Submission of false or fabricated information You were fired from last job because of misconduct or negligence Insufficient wages during base period Insufficient hours worked during base period

Eligibility criteria for Unemployment Insurance?:

Eligibility criteria for Unemployment Insurance? Following are the eligibility criteria for qualifying for UC- CLaimant must have lost job due to no mistake of their own Claimant must be ready and willing to accept full time jobs All claimants must actively seek new job opportunities He/she must have earned minimum wages and worked minimum hours during the base period

How to handle claim denials?:

How to handle claim denials? If you feel your claim was unfairly denied, you can appeal the decision. Every claimant can go for an appeal IF you do so, you may be given the chance to appear before court and present your side Contact your state’s Unemployment Insurance agency at the earliest to get started on the appeals process

How to Appeal?:

How to Appeal? Contact your state’s Unemployment insurance agency at the earliest If claimants wish to go for appeal, they should do so within said time frame. Typically 30 days Your claim denial notice will contain detailed instructions on how to proceed with appeals

What happens during the Appeal process?:

What happens during the Appeal process? If you’ve been granted an opportunity to appeal your denial, you will receive a notice about time and place of hearing You should arrive at the stated time Present your justifications to the court You may be allowed to bring a witness to testify as will your employer The adjudicator presiding over the hearing will decide your eligibility at the end

What happens at the end of the hearing?:

What happens at the end of the hearing? The adjudicator will pronounce either eligible or ineligible IF deemed eligible, you can collect UC unless your employer goes for a higher appeal If you are 100% sure that your claim is genuine, you must go for an appeal.

What next?:

What next? Whether or not you qualify for UC, you must continue to actively seek new jobs Visit FileUnemployment.Org for further guidance Read What to do if you lost your job for more information Visit Community forum to interact with people facing similar problems in your region

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