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Tips to find out your new job in easiest way. If your are unemployed then check your benefits at


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Get A New Job:

Get A New Job How to Prepared by FileUnemployment.Org

Step 1: Analyse your skills and qualification:

Step 1: Analyse your skills and qualification Decide whether you want to work in your area of expertise or in a new field List out your qualifications - degrees/diplomas in any subject Hunt for jobs that match your academic background If you want a new career path, list down possible jobs that you can do Apply to jobs that interest you

Step 2: Prepare resume & cover letter:

Step 2: Prepare resume & cover letter Resumes build the first impression Include all relevant details about your academic background Write avidly about your skills and talents Elaborate on the number of jobs you have held and the responsibilities that were entrusted with you Cover letter must be brief and to the point It must explain why you are the perfect candidate for the job you are applying to

Step 3: Find Job Listings:

Step 3: Find Job Listings Search for jobs in newspaper and internet ads Sign up with job hunt sites and build a profile Your profile must have an updated resume and your pic Shortlist jobs that you find suitable Apply to those jobs with resume and cover letter

Step 4: Prepare for interview:

Step 4: Prepare for interview If you get an interview call, note down the date and time in your calendar Send a reply to the company confirming that you will be attending the interview Prepare for the interview by revising subjects of your diploma/degree Research background of the company and its field of work Attend the interview on said date. Dress smartly, carry required documents

Step 5: Follow up!:

Step 5: Follow up! Send a thank you to the employer for letting you give a chance to visit them and attend the interview If they offer you a job, send them a reply confirming whether or not you will be taking it up If you plan to accept the job, confirm at the earliest Prepare yourself for the new job

Step 6: Join!:

Step 6: Join! Congrats on your new job! Don’t forget to send us a box of chocolates! Psst.. Go to the next slide for some extra tips!

For more guides on employment, visit FileUnemployment.Org:

For more guides on employment, visit FileUnemployment.Org Thank you folks! Happy Job Hunting!! And Check out our FREE Tools on Unemployment Benefits : Eligibility Calculator Benefits Calculator

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