8 Attractive Diversify Tourist Destination in Egypt Worth Visit

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Anubhav Vacations Pancharatana Bldg 1st Flr Near Ayurved Ras Shala Karve Rd Pune https://www.anubhavvacations.in 8 Attractive Diversify Tourist Destination in Egypt Worth Visit Egypt is famous for its Pyramid. This is the home of ancient Pharaohs. This is also the archaeological site of the ancient rein of Miser. The Egypt Tour Packages from Mumbai is not just limited to the pyramid and archaeological site there is many more destination including deserts wildlife beautiful cities cultural diversification others. Here are 10 attractive destinations in Egypt worth visiting. 1. The Great Giza Pyramid: No doubt the Great Pyramids of Giza are the main tourist attraction of Egypt. This is the only Seven Wonders of the ancient world still existing. These are the tombs of Pharaoh and made with huge stones. The stones are arranged in such a way that no blade can enter inside the pyramid. 2. Luxor’s Karnak Temple: Though Egypt is a Muslim rich country still it has a very beautiful ancient temple called Karnak Temple. This is situated in the Luxor city which is a city in the bank of the river Nile. This colourful temple has very beautiful wall art and painting in the columns of the temple. 3. Aswan: The city of Aswan is a wonderful tourist destination in the bank of river Nile. It is a great adventurous journey to the Elephantine Island. Drinking tea in the riverboat restaurants here in Aswan is a very amazing experience.

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Anubhav Vacations Pancharatana Bldg 1st Flr Near Ayurved Ras Shala Karve Rd Pune https://www.anubhavvacations.in 4. The City of Cairo: Cairo is the main capital city of Egypt. This city is full of mosques Madrassa and many Islamic monuments. As Egypt is an Islamic rich country around 88 Muslims 10 Christian and 2 other population is here. The city has a Bab Zuweila Al-Azhar Mosque and very dazzling Mosque called Sultan Hassan to visit for. 5. Museum of Egypt: The Egypt museum is the best place to visit for the history lover. There is many for the historical tourism research scholars and general people. This old museum has numerous amounts of old royal mummies including mummy of the great Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Besides there are many pieces of ancient arts in the museum. 6. White Desert: As like the Pyramid the white desert in Egypt is a natural wonder. There are cottage shaped Chalk Mountains arranged in such a beautiful way that no one believe that these are created by the natural process. The landscapes in this dessert look like a destructing science fiction movie. 7. Alexandria: This is the only city where the number of European or Christian is majority. This ancient city was built by the European Fighter King “Alexander the Great”. The seashore Corniche souk shopping and cafe- hopping are famous activities for tourist here. 8. Ancient Monastery: In the Mount Sinai the oldest monasteries of the world the St. Catherine’s is situated. This is a place of rich religious iconography. This is the places where Moses received Ten Commandments from God. The Camel tour to reach here and see the sunset sunrise are amazing things to enjoy here. The other things to enjoy here in Egypt Tours from Mumbai are the delicious desert foods excellent scuba diving adventurous boating in the River Nile etc.

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