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Foam 6 can be recycled, it is compressed in Styrofoam block by Styrofoam densifier,and then be reused to final product,such as frame products,hangers,and xps insulation boards.


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Foam Densifier Makes Foam Recycling Program More Effectively Nowadays the idea that waste foam can be recycled has actually been popularized. In several regions waste foam will no more be discarded or landfilled but more interest is paid to exactly how to reuse foam. Actually a set of foam densifier or screw drive compactor can conveniently solve this trouble. Foam Recycling Devices The concepts of various foam reusing devices on the marketplace are similar. As we all recognize the foam is extremely light with small thickness and also the huge volume which result in much problem to the foam storage as well as transport. On top of that the effectiveness of straight granulation of loose foam will certainly be extremely reduced. For that reason aside from numerous innovations the core tenet of all sorts of foam densifiers is "foam quantity decrease" to portable loose foam into thick blocks for transport or storage space prior to recycling. Two most typically utilized foam reusing machines are: foam densifier and also screw drive compactor. Foam Densifier Foam densifier is primarily utilized for Styrofoam/EPS Enhanced Polystyrene PE foam Expandable Polyethylene XPS Extruded Polystyrene EPP Enhanced Polypropylene and so on. These foam products will initially be crushed by the crusher right into tiny pieces normally it is additionally the very first step of various other foam recycling devices. Next off the foam densifier usage warmth to thaw foam particles from strong to semi-solid and last by the action of screw the foam ingots will certainly be push from the output port. Clearly the benefit of the foam densifier is the fairly straightforward operation nevertheless the disadvantage also exists that undesirable smell will be created throughout equipment heating.

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GREENMAX Developed in 2008 in America GREENMAX ™ is the registered profession mark of foam reusing machine created by INTCO Recycling intending to be a Foam Recycling Specialist. The foam densifier it manufactures conquered problems as well as addressed lots of imperfections in the procedure process. The exhaust system is currently the common arrangement which eliminates the unpleasant odor generated when melting to ensure that the employees can attain electric and odor-free procedure. Additionally there are automated cutting conveyor etc. for clients to select. GREENMAX foam densifier is not only accredited by CE as well as UL but also having actually passed rigorous air quality screening for health and also ecological safety. Recycle Technology Reuse Technology brand registered in Oriental additionally creates foam densifiers with the foam volume reduction distribution approximately 1/90 the same as GREENMAX. This heat-induced densification process is quick risk-free and cleanly refined without unsafe discharges.

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Avangard Cutting-edge Avangard Ingenious AGI sells a full line of tools to aid in the collection as well as monitoring of recyclable items. All foam densifiers have additionally passed air top quality testing. The FD Series are the initial version of densifiers are hand-fed makers which can compress three primary kinds of foam: polystyrene Styrofoam polyethylene as well as polypropylene.

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Screw Drive Compactor The product which screw drive compactor can handle coincides as the foam densifier as well as the first step is also to smash the foam by crusher. Differently this maker do not utilize warm to portable the foam and also create no smoke or odors. After wrecking the foam will certainly be pressed with a specific speed and pressure and afterwards shaped into blocks. Normally this maker works best when just taking care of one kind of foam which is just one of the weaknesses of this equipment. besides truths reveals that the manufacturing capacity is often not as high as that of the foam densifier. Nonetheless a vital benefit of the Screw Drive Compactor is that it does not require heating no smoke as well as no unpleasant odor and also is environmental friendly.

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GREENMAX GREENMAX screw drive compactor was efficiently developed in 2007 as well as has more than 10 years of testing as well as sales background with abundant and varied product that can be deal with consisting of Styrofoam PE foam EPP XPS ETC. The optimum manufacturing capacity can get to 300kg/h. As no heating in the procedure the maker has actually recognized environmental management zero discharges and also no second contamination. Additionally for some foams including water such as fish boxes GREENMAX specifically released Marine Requirement with a stainless-steel output for some foams that is too filthy GREENMAX specifically released the SWD model which cleanse the foam first and after that condensing.

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Runi Runi auger styrofoam compactors press lots of sorts of products swiftly as well as efficiently such as fish boxes made from Styrofoam. They can likewise dewater materials by dividing fluids from solids for example separating water from washed plastic or by clearing and pressing juice containers in a single procedure.

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Heger Heger foam recycling makers are innovative and also have actually confirmed themselves on the market for years. Its compactor can portable a wide range of waste materials such as EPS Styrofoam ARCEL XPS EPE EPP and also PUR right into top quality recyclable product. Get more information please visit

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