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The World Bank announces the FIA for the World Bank Development Marketplace in India for implementing innovative service delivery approaches in the Northeastern states of Assam, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. They effectively deliver crucial services to the poor.


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About World Bank Development Marketplace Development marketplace is a major start towards a wonderful and bright future. It’s a piece of recognition to the for-profit and nonprofit organizations that are working closely to the bright future of poor. People that are working hard to give a stable and wonderful life to the poor people gets recognized and of course are aided by the World Bank so that they can continue their good work in the future Besides aiding them the main agenda of this program is to monitor their work closely so that the organization never loses its track while doing the job Working for the poor This is a grant based program and it is actually very competitive World Bank Development marketplace doesn’t offer funds to each and everyone out there It funds only the organizations that actually are providing crucial help to the distressed people across the farfetched areas of a developing country. In these areas most of the people face problems related health pure drinking water hygiene food and what not So the organizations that are working towards the multiple goals and doing wonders in more than one field can certainly expect a good position in the grant table.

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A competitive program The organizations that are mainly working in these fields and feel that they are not well equipped with money and facilities to continue their good work in future can submit their entries for the grant. All the necessary details are available on the website of the World Bank. These small organizations need to provide their applications as entries with the details of their work and previous records. This is a very competitive grant ceremony as lots of organizations are filling in for the grant. So the most deserving one is going to get the money for sure and going to win it and use the money for the development of the projects they are eyeing on. This is how the World Bank is taking underdeveloped and developing countries towards a brighter future.

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