10 Questions You Should Keep In Mind Before Shipping Your Car

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If you are moving from one state to another, shipping your car would be the best option, only when you have decided not to drive your car. In such case, things you should know before shipping your car. https://goo.gl/jRUsUH


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Questions 10 You Should Keep in Mind Before Shipping Your Car

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Before you choose a car shipping company it is advisable to ask some questions about the shipping company the procedure and the vehicle used to transport the cars.

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1 Is the car shipping company registered ◆ Every auto transportation company that crosses state lines needs to be registered with the Federal Department of Transport. If you are considering shipping your car overseas check the company’s registration documentation with the Federal Maritime Commission.

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2 What type of procedures does the auto shipping company use ◆ Inquire as to whether they provide an enclosed or open transportation carrier. It may also be a good idea to verify the company services for the distance you wish to transport your car.

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3 How much will be the shipping cost ◆ Shipping cost varies from company to company distance traveled whether an open or closed truck is used and the type and size of the vehicle to be transported. It is best to ask about the shipping charges for the kind of vehicle you own.

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4 Do car shipping company offer an insurance policy ◆ Ask and be sure of the insurance policy your car should have while it is being shipped.

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5 What documents will the shipping company need ◆ You will need the car’s registration and insurance documents for sure. Check with the car shipping company what additional documents they require for shipping.

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6 How to prepare your car for shipping ◆ Remove all household items and non-built-in items from your car. Keep an extra set of car keys. Your car’s battery should be fully charged. 7 How long will your car take to ship ◆ Ask the auto transportation company how long the transportation will take. It may be possible to expedite the shipping if the need arises.

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8 What are the payment methods ◆ Don’t forget to ask about the terms and methods of payment. Payment methods may vary from company to company.

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9 How will you make sure that your car did not get damaged during shipping ◆ Ask the shipping company what precautions they take to prevent any damage during loading unloading and transportation. Make sure that you or your designee are present for the pre-shipment inspection of your car.

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10 What if your car gets damaged ◆ Don’t forget to ask about a post-delivery inspection and what the course of action is if there is any damage during shipping. Read More

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