4 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Car

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If you’re looking for the best classic car shipping services, learn some of the mistakes that should be avoided when shipping a car. https://goo.gl/fcyLJP


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Mistakes to Avoid While Shipping a Classic Car:

Mistakes to Avoid While Shipping a Classic Car Everyone who owns a classic car wants the best shipping services possible.  we’ve compiled a list of four important mistakes to avoid when shipping a classic car.


Before you hand your car to a group of complete strangers for the delivery process, it’s vital to check whether they’re registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. If your auto shipping company of choice is registered, it should provide you with its registered identification number. You shouldn’t ship your car with a company that isn’t registered or a company that only commits verbal agreements. You need to make sure that your transport company will consistently provide everything in writing. Always research your shipping company


Be wary of incorrect or missing documents Most auto transport companies ask for relevant documents before handling your car. These might include your certificate of insurance, vehicle registration, and driver’s license. It’s critical to have all of these requested documents in order prior to your car’s drop-off. The company may also perform multiple vehicle inspections, one before pickup and another after delivery. For these inspections, you should have vehicle inspection documents on hand so that you can claim the auto transport company’s insurance in the event of any damages.


Auto transport companies must have insurance to cover any damages that occur when shipping and handling vehicles. You should always check a copy of your company’s insurance certificate for confirmation. We also recommend reviewing what forms coverage your vehicle will have at the time of shipping. Always check the company’s insurance


Make sure to empty your car Some people might prefer to load a car with their personal items to avoid moving these possessions by themselves. But you should be aware that auto transport companies are often prohibited by law from shipping a classic car that carries personal belongings. There are some auto transport companies that allow shipping small amounts of personal property, but in those cases, the auto transport company will not be responsible for loss. The Department of Transportation is also able to legally seize any possessions left behind inside a classic car. Because of these risks, it’s always better to make sure that your car is empty before shipping.


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