6 Romantic and Affordable International Honeymoon Destinations


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Everyone prefers exotic destinations for a honeymoon within a budget. Here are the top places by a leading tour operator in Ahmedabad which can be affordable such as Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Dubai, Hawaii, Philippines and Taiwan.


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6 Affordable Yet Amazing Honeymoon Destinations Outside India After the big day most couples head to their honeymoon which of course is the most special trip in the newlyweds’ life. Everyone prefers exotic destinations to spend some quality time with their better half. Well people fret a lot over this as choosing exotic destinations come with a tag of ‘expensive’. After spending a lot on your wedding it is not convenient for everyone to spend a hefty amount on their honeymoon. Worry not As a leading tour operator in Ahmedabad here we have curated a list of top honeymoon destinations that are in-budget yet awe-amazing for your first romantic escape post-wedding. Sri Lanka Located in Southeast Asia just off the Southern tip of India Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation. You will be able to experience an epic journey if you are planning your honeymoon in Sri Lanka as the country has a wide array of cultures. Scenic spots ancient temples palm-line beaches Safari tea plantations metropolitan vibe and great food – Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. Visa – You can easily get a 30-day visa online for a reasonable cost of 20. Things to do – Unwind at Trincomalee Beach explore tea plantations in Ceylon or Nurweya Eliya go beach hopping in Arugam Bay Seychelles Seychelles is emerging slowly as a great honeymoon destination or a destination to explore. Seychelles is known for its playfield of riches monumental luxury and quixotic beauty. The unending white sand landscapes pristine blue water and sumptuous resorts make it an ideal place to indulge in some romantic experiences. It has everything for honeymooners – pretty beaches delish cuisines exquisite beauty carnival-like vibe and heart-warming people.

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Visa – Visa is not required to visit Seychelles. But you would need valid Indian IDs and documents. Things to do – Go on a safari at Morne Seychellois spend time cycling on the beach take a drive to explore Mahe Dubai Dubai is a honeymooner’s paradise as the city is filled with metropolitan magic. Skyscrapers adventure activities nightlife shopping experiences theme parks cruise desert safari beach hopping – there are myriad things to do in Dubai. It offers a splendid mix of luxury romance and adventure. In fact among all the destinations Dubai honeymoon tour package from Ahmedabad is quite popular among love birds. Visa – With a valid passport you should get a 14-days visa for 1910 ZAR Things to do - Go for Bateaux cruise exclusive spa visit Burj Khalifa partying at night explore malls and parks Hawaii Crystal-clear pristine water gorgeous white-sand beaches breathtakingly beautiful island and aloha spirit – Hawaii is considered a great pick amongst honeymoon destinations in America. Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is considered an ultimate destination to romance and unwind with your significant other. Visa – A travel visa or tourist visa to the US is required to visit Hawaii Things to do – Go on a cruise enjoy exclusive beachside couple massage sunbathe on the beach take in stunning views at Waipio Valley take trips to Akaka falls or Kahuna falls Philippines Philippines is a romantic wonderland with offbeat beaches unending coastlines and secluded places. This picture-perfect country in Southeast Asia is a lovely option for couples wanting a secluded honeymoon. Its virgin islands and beaches are well-known around the world. Captivating landscapes luxurious hotels utmost privacy and adventure activities make it a place for honeymooners to spark some romance. Visa – Apply at the embassy for the visa Things to do – Visit gorgeous beaches indulge in adventure activities take in amazing views

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Taiwan Modern bustling cities great shopping places sensational food picturesque lakes gorgeous scenic beautiful mountainous terrains exciting festivities sincere locals luxurious hot spring resorts and alluring islands – all these make Taiwan a treat for honeymooners. It is packed with a lot of romantic experiences newlyweds could indulge in. Visa – Provided you have a valid passport you can apply for free visa. Things to do – Visit Taipei 101 and go up 87 storeys in 27 seconds soak in hot springs stroll around Love River explore street food and night markets. Contact Details: Visit the website http://www.fernwehvacations.com https://www.facebook.com/Fernwehvacations https://twitter.com/FernwehVacation https://www.instagram.com/fernwehvacation https://in.pinterest.com/fernwehvacation/

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