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Presenting a new version of RentALL Airbnb Clone Script v1.9.0

slide 2:

What’s new Manage static page contents from the admin panel Now the admin has the provision to manage static page contents from the admin panel itself. Static pages will be added in the footer in any one of the categories which can be configured by admin. This feature helps the site owner to create their own static pages and contents without touching any coding.

slide 3:

Enhancements ★ Improved Admin panel with an attractive UI design ★ Improved pagination on the admin panel ★ Revamped the view listing page ★ Freshened up the View message page ★ Improved ‘Become a host’ page ★ Added a new layout to the homepage design ★ Improved the reservation flow ★ Improved Search page

slide 4:

Improved Admin panel with an attractive UI design ● We have improved the admin panel Dashboard UI with an appealing image background and a grid view to make. ● It is easy to read the metrics.

slide 5:

Improved pagination on the admin panel ● In the Admin panel we enhanced the pagination performance of User Management Listing management and Reservation management. ● This is helpful for the admin to access the data very quickly.

slide 6:

Revamped the view listing page: ● In this version of RentALL we have built a brand new UI for the view listing page. ● The listing information is more clear and easy to read. Especially the booking panel is more user-friendly now.

slide 7:

Freshened up the View message page: ● We updated the “View message page” with a fresh look and feel. ● The new version is thrown with a vivid appearance with a touch of simplicity. ● Displays the sender’s information at left side and messages at the right side.

slide 8:

Improved ‘Become a host’ page: ● We improved ‘Become a host’ page to allow the site owner to add more information about hosting. ● The latest UI changes improve the user experience.

slide 9:

Added a new layout to the homepage design: ● A new layout ‘Banner Text Layout with Detailed Search form’ is introduced combining to the previous ones – Banner Text with Image Slider Layout and Banner Text Only Layout. ● Admin can easily configure these settings from Site settings.

slide 10:

Improved the reservation flow: ● This version of RentALL provides a seamless functioning of the cancellation process. ● It is also improvement of Transaction history makes more clear to the host.

slide 11:

Improved Search page: ● We have improved the performance of the Search page by fine-tuning the algorithm which has increased the speed dramatically. ● This will definitely will help the users to search listings very quickly.

slide 12:

Bug Fixes: We have fixed all the recent bugs reported by our valuable customers and our testing team. We will keep on improving RentALL. You can try our demo here: For admin panel

slide 13:

Please share your feedback to and we will be grateful for your support. Tank you

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