How to make the best out of theinternet

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How to make the best out of the Internet:

How to make the best out of the Internet


Step 1: Get a good search engine (The search engine of the internet is Google, yahoo, which help you find exactly what you are looking for) You can type in search engines inside your current engine box and compare.  (Look for attributes such as: How fast is it? How many links on each page? Is it helpful or relevant?) Try trying a few links and see the information or content inside the website, is it good?


Step 2: Once you have got the right search engine, add it to your home page, click on the button that similarly represents 'Add -name of engine- to your current homepage '


Step 3: Using images only shows you pictures, so if you're looking for web pages, click 'Search the Web' to get the right information

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