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The House on Mango Street:

By: Sandra Cisneros Fernanda Hernandez Period 4 The House on Mango Street

Plot Summary:

Plot Summary Rachel, Lucy, and Nenny talk to each other about their developing hips, while Esperanza comments on her growing body. They are happy at the results of owning such great body parts and they’re also scared at the same time of not getting them. They laugh and joke around, and make up verses to songs,poems,and chants about women and their body parts. Nenny is the only one who doesn't seem to understand their humor.

Theme :

Theme The theme of this chapter is how fascinated Rachel, Lucy, and Nenny are with hips. They talk about how their hips are growing and also about women’s hips. “You need them to dance” says Lucy “One day you wake up and they are there. Ready and waiting like a new Buick with the keys in the ignition.”

Figurative Language :

Figurative Language The waitress with the big fat hips who pays the rents with taxi tips Some are baggy like baggy band-aids after you get out of the bathtub

Connect :

Connect From another person’s point of view, one can relate to the feeling of curiosity of developing into their own body or figure. One can relate to that certain emotion because everyone experience’s it at some point in their life.

Discussion Questions :

Discussion Questions 1.) Have you ever felt intimidated of the growth of your body? 2.)When you experienced your first body change did you have any reaction? 3.)Was growing into your body ever an issue for you, mentally or physically?

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