5 Tips To Protect Your Dental Crowns

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You should brush the area around crown twice a day  to remove sticky plaque and to keep the crown looking its best so it prevents tooth decay in future. MAINTAIN ORAL HYGIENE

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Having routine checkup and cleaning is important to make sure that the gums surrounding the crown staying healthy. Also they can diagnose and treat the dental problems earlier. VISIT A DENTIST REGULARLY

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AVOID CERTAIN FOODS Sticky or hard foods can damage your crown. Avoid foods like candies chewing on ice nuts taffy caramel and  carrots to protect your smile.

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KICK YOUR BAD HABITS Chewing your nail opening bottle with your teeth not only break your crowns they can break your natural teeth also.

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Many people suffer from bruxism it caused due to stress and anxiety a misaligned bite. Check with your dentist they will recommend you to wear a night guard while you sleep. AVOID GRINDING

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Are You Considering Dental Crown Contact Ferber Dental Group

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CONTACT 5700 Lake Worth Road Suite 301 Greenacres FL 33463 PHONE NUMBER 561.439.8888 EMAIL-ID doctorferberdental.com ADDRESS

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