Different Varieties of Residential Gates


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Gates plays an important role in the security of a home. Slide gates, swing gates, bi-fold gates, pedestrian gates, etc. are some of the most popular types of residential gates which are discussed briefly in this presentation.


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Different Varieties of Residential Gates

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Introduction: Installing a Gate at the entrance of your house can prohibit an intruder from entering your home. There are different types of gates which can be installed as per your requirement.

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Slide Gates: As the name these gates open and close by sliding. The drawback of these gates is that they are difficult to maintenance and create more noise than other kinds of gates.

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Swing Gates: These gates are in high demand as they are beautiful in appearance and require less maintenance.

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Bi-Fold Gates: Bi-Folder gates are ideal where driveway space is less. This gate is half the space of one standard swing gate. It comprises of two panels which fold up like a Concertina.

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Pedestrian Gates: The single-leaf swing gate is a good option as a pedestrian gate as it offers security and easy access at the same time.

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