Does Ovarian Cysts affect your Pregnancy

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Ovarian cysts are sac like structures (filled with liquid or semi- solid) develop in the ovary.


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Does Ovarian Cysts affect your Fertility

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Ovarian cysts are sac like structures filled with liquid or semi-solid develop in the ovary.

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Ovarian cysts are very common mostly painless and harmless with no symptoms and disappear without treatment. However few types of ovarian cysts can affect fertility such as Endometriomas P olycystic Ovaries

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The cysts occur when the endometrial lining inner lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. The cysts are usually filled with reddish-brown blood. They mostly grow on ovaries and the muscular wall of the uterus and may affect fertility. Endometriomas

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P olycystic Ovary P olycystic Ovaries Polycystic ovaries PCOS small fluid-filled cysts occur on ovaries. Women with PCOS experience hormonal imbalance high level of male hormones and irregular menstrual cycle. PCOS can be associated with irregular ovulation that causes infertility.

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Few types of ovarian cysts don’t affect your fertility unless they become big such as Functional cysts Cystadenomas Dermoid cysts

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The most common type of cysts formed during normal menstrual cycle which includes Follicular cysts and Corpus luteum cysts. Functional cysts do not cause infertility in fact it indicates the regular ovarian function. Functional cyst Functional cysts

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Cystadenomas non-cancerous growth arise on the surface of the ovary- not associated with infertility. Dermoid cysts are solid cysts containing hair fat and other tissues - not associated with infertility. Dermoid cyst

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Many treatment options are available to improve your chances of conception. �

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