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Feigeasia have a wide range of Liquid Filling Equipments is available that has particularly been designed to meet your requirements on gravimetric filling of containers from 1kg to 3.000kg.You can choose from a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines. We can offer complete systems for fully automatic packaging processes through the combination of filling equipment with our conveyor and palletising system..


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Filling Equipments Manufacturer in Singapore


Levelling the load of pre-packaged merchandise within the food sector, particularly those involving viscous or pasty merchandise, places very high demands on the duplicable accuracy of filling and portioning systems.


In order to win this, technical and technological problems similarly as product-specific characteristics have to be compelled to be taken under consideration. In addition to the same factors, the wants on the standard of associate effect area unit a key issue once choosing or implementing a technical method answer.


The event of vacuum filling machines has created it doable to meet each the technical and therefore the quality-related needs. Within the food sector, moving or transporting fluids is achieved with the help of pump technology.


Informally, this can be called filling or portioning. Various differing kinds of pumps are used, depending on the type of filling products to be moved. Vacuum fillers with vane cell feed systems and vacuum feeding are commonly used for viscous products.


The merchandise area unit transported with the help of a hopper with a feeding device; a vane cell feed system beneath a vacuum and applicable volume expulsion within the pump housing. This can be basically a volumetric feed principle, which suggests that a particular weight is defined via a volume.


Additionally to the vane cell feed systems, additionally called rotary vane pumps, there are screw feed systems with feed augers, wheel feed systems and exhausted lifting cylinders. With of these systems, transportation is achieved via volume expulsion beneath a vacuum.


Vacuum fillers area unit historically used in the meat process trade as well as in alternative food sectors. They will additionally be found in some non-food sectors. Typically speaking, vacuum fillers are often used for filling pasty and compressible products.


Supported in urban center, Federal Republic of Germany in 1972, Feige Filling GmbH has earned technology leadership through constant innovation. glad clients and worldwide acceptance area unit a results of its customer oriented approach.


In 1987 Feige Filling GmbH enraptured to dangerous Olde sloe, some 30km northeast of Hamburg. To strengthen the market position Feige Filling GmbH founded new companies especially in fast growing markets, along Feige Filling GmbH area unit currently the “Feige Filling Group”.


As a member of the Haver & Boecker cluster, Feige Filling GmbH now holds their reputation as the world-wide leading manufacturer of filling machines. Feige machines stand out for prime speed, reliability and preciseness in measuring filling of liquid and pasty merchandise in instrumentation varieties like pails, cans, drums etc.


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