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Feige Asia offers full cycle of filling technology for Drum Filling Machines, Auto Drum Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Bag Fillers, Semi Automatic Drum Fillers with affordable cost and effective technology. Also we provides fast spare parts supply, equipment inspection and revamping services..


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Variety of Filling Machines in Singapore


Fillers or filling machines are used for packaging not only for food/beverage but for other products as well. These are used to fill either a bottle or a pouch, depending on the product. There are several types of fillers used by the packaging industry. Auger/Agitator Filling Machines are those designed to fill dry mixes, such as flour and sugar.


The fillers have a hopper shaped like a cone that holds the mix and puts it in a pouch using an auger screw that is controlled by the agitator. The mix is filled in a pouch that is made of paper or any other suitable material that is formed in a collar and the pouch gets sealed by a series of heaters and dies.


Flow filling machines are designed for liquids, oils, and thin food products. These fillers are designed when they fill a bottle or tub that enters the machine, then opens the bottle back onto another conveyor for sealing. Tablet fillers are designed for products that are counted by pieces instead of weight.


These are designed for small bottles, but the hopper of the filler is set up to permit scan counting of tablets or candy pieces. Positive Displacement Pump Fillers are machines that easily handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes and product types. While originally designed for filling creams, gels and lotions these fillers also handle water thin and heavy paste products.


Some of the products this machine easily fills are cosmetic creams, heavy sauces, thick shampoo and hair conditioners, honey, hair gels, paste cleaners, and car wax. With simple tool-less cleaning and our PLC control system, product changeover is fast and easy making these our most versatile fillers.


Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1972, Feige Filling GmbH has attained technology leadership through constant innovation. Satisfied customers and worldwide acceptance are a result of its customer orientated approach.


In 1987 Feige Filling GmbH moved to Bad Olde sloe, some 30km northeast of Hamburg. To strengthen the market position Feige Filling GmbH founded new companies especially in fast growing markets, together Feige Filling GmbH are now the “Feige Filling Group”.


As a member of the Haver & Boecker Group, Feige Filling GmbH now holds their reputation as the world-wide leading manufacturer of filling machines. Feige machines stand out for high speed, reliability and precision in gravimetric filling of liquid and pasty products in container types such as pails, cans, drums and more.


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