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1 st PART PHILOSOPHY ANTS NEVER QUIT If they’re headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they’ll look for another way. They’ll climb over, they’ll climb under, they’ll climb around. They keep looking for another way. LESSON: To never quit looking for a way to get where you’re supposed to go.


2 nd PART PHILOSOPHY ANTS THINK WINTER ALL SUMMER You can’t be so naïve as to think summer will last forever. So ants are gathering their winter food in the middle of summer. You’ve got to think rocks as you enjoy the sand and sun. LESSON: It is important to be realistic. Think ahead.


3rd PART PHILOSOPHY ANTS THINK SUMMER ALL WINTER During the winter, ants remind themselves, “This won’t last long; we’ll soon be out of here.” At the first warm day, the ants are out. If it turns cold again, they’ll dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day. LESSON: Stay positive at all times.


4th PART PHILOSOPHY ALL-THAT-YOU-POSSIBLY-CAN How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All that he possibly can. LESSON: Do all you can….and more!


IN A NUT SHELL... FOUR-PART PHILOSOPHY Never Give Up Look Ahead Stay Positive Do All You Can “Don’t be encumbered by history, just go out & do something wonderful” OKIE DOKIE

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