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Locate benefits to having affordable criminal defense attorney in Springfield Mo at Service us criminal defense attorney Springfield MO federal criminal lawyer Springfield MO federal criminal defense attorney Springfield MO affordable criminal defense attorney springfield mo affordable criminal defense lawyer springfield mo There are various kinds of attorneys, from criminal to civil, family law and divorce attorney, to corporate attorneys and personal injury attorneys. If you're obtaining a bail, then you would hire affordable criminal defense attorney in Springfield Mo, of course, when you would like a fantastic civil attorney you'd never hire a person without that form of knowledge either. Contact us Address- 2121 S Eastgate Ave, Springfield, MO 65809, USA Phone No-4173236607 Fax: 417.708.0321 Find us Social


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3 Attorney Adam Woody is a well-known criminal defense attorney in Springfield Missouri. He has successfully handled thousands of alcohol offenses earning him admission into the prestigious invitation-only group National College for DUI Defense.

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4 Federal drug charges and federal sex offense cases can carry significant risks. No one wants to go to jail but that is a reality if you do not have a well-thought-out defense. Working with a lawyer for a federal drug case or sex offense defense gives you the ability to get the best possible outcome. At the federal level drug and sex crime charges can be more complicated with more severe penalties and fines to pay.

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5 His record of successfully helping his client win these types of cases has earned him a perfect 10.0 rating in DUI Defense from the attorney rating website Avvo. He has the specialized knowledge and training to assist in your case including certification in the 24-hour DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Program the same training and certification that police officers receive.

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6 What Makes Federal Court Different Every aspect of the federal court system is more intense. Even if you have faced charges at a local level previously you may find sentencing guidelines procedures and penalties are different here. More so the judges present along with the prosecutors tend to have more resources to use against you and your case.

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8 Many factors are at play here. In federal as well as local drug cases the charge and punishment are determined by the type of drug involved its classification as well as how much was found present. There are additional charges and penalties in situations where there is some evidence of an intent to sell or distribute the drug. The Law Office of Adam Woody can help you. We can help you with a variety of defense strategies including drugs such as narcotics heroin smuggling charges cocaine and pharmaceuticals.

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9 When you’re facing criminal charges it is in your best interests to seek the expert advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Springfield MO. Legal issues are complex and require legal expertise that you can only obtain through a criminal defense lawyer. Adam Woody has provided criminal defense in Springfield MO involving a multitude of criminal charges.

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