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BlogaShop – How To Generate Free Traffic To Your Shopify Store And DRASTICALLY Cut The Time It Takes To Do So BlogaShop is the first Wordpress plugin that generates tons of FREE profit producing traffic for any Shopify Store or Wordpress site with a few clicks of your mouse What Is BlogaShop Before we get started I need you to imagine this. What if... you could moderate all your Shopify and WP posts and comments from one central Dashboard. What if... you had access to over 66000+ Articles and over 200+ Categories and Subcategories to help you produce content for your Shopify Blog or Wordpress site What if... you could click a few buttons and instantly have access to tons of related YouTube videos to help you sell your products on your Shopify Store What if... you had access to over 1 MILLION Royalty Free Images for your content What if... you could spin any article from the content library at will What if... you NEVER have to figure out what to write exactly to help you get targeted traffic And what if I tell you there is a way to generate free traffic to your Shopify Store and drastically cut the time it takes to do so manually Well there is no need to imagine anymore because now you can do all of these things thanks to the power of BlogaShop. BlogaShop is the first Wordpress plugin that generates tons of FREE profit producing traffic for any Shopify Store or Wordpress site with a few clicks of your mouse Needless to say you really won’t find a better resource to help you generate free traffic to any Shopify store or Wordpress site. BlogaShop is hands down the first resource to help any aspiring Shopify or Wordpress site owner generate a ton of free traffic effortlessly and efficiently.

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How Does BlogaShop Work What Will You Get With BlogaShop Exclusive Content Library Within BlogaShop PRO you’ll find access to over 66000+ articles sorted by 200+ category and subcategories for you to choose from. With this option you can easily grab content for any Shopify store you’ll ever need. Why is this important Because now you’ll NEVER have to figure out what to write exactly because all of the content ideas are done for you. Just this alone with another component of BlogaShop PRO which you’ll see in a moment will give your Shopify store SEO super powers while gaining a ton of FREE Traffic in the process.

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YouTube Snatcher Did you know that YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine online Yep. That’s right. People now go to YouTube to research products they are interested in and to find help for a problem they may have. How By searching the entire YouTube database and snatching any video and inserting it into your blog post. Just think about it. Let’s say you were selling a product that regrew hair. Add a hair loss video to your existing blog post and viola You’ve established validity for purchasing your product.

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Spinner Vortex Now remember earlier I said you would gain access to over 66000+ articles right within BlogaShop PRO’s dashboard. Add the power of the BlogaShop PRO FREE spinner and youll have a ton of unique content at your fingertips on demand And if you’re a little bit picky about the type of spinner you use they’ve added support for two of the major spinners online with more coming as we grow which is Spinner Bros and Spin Rewriter. Use any of these options to turn regular content into highly unique spun content and inject a ton of flavour into your Shopify blog or Wordpress site.

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Royalty Free Image Library So not only can you spin unique content to any Shopify blog as well as add relevant videos but they’ll also set you up so you can make your content stand out with access to over 1000000+ high-quality royalty free images. They’ll give you a backstage pass to 3 different sources to add images to your Shopify blog. Plus you can change the metadata on those images for even more SEO juice and uniqueness for your Shopify blogs and Wordpress sites.

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Membership Vault They’ve included a training membership vault where you will find all of your training downloads webinars and support. Never be stuck. They’ll get you up and running fast. Comment Moderator Now you won’t have to worry about useless spam bombarding your sites. With the BlogaShop PRO Comment Moderator you’ll be able to protect against ruthless spammers while at the same time use canned replies that helps reply to any user comments fast Plus you can use those same canned replies to link back to your sales pages thus bringing you more sales

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This feature works both on Wordpress and Shopify. SEO Optimization Take full control of your SEO with this feature as it strips descriptions keywords and meta data and gives you control to set them based on keywords of your choice. Giving your sites a ton of Search Engine Optimization value that you won’t find anywhere else. How It Works: So here’s what you need to do next. STEP 1: Click the link on this page to go to their official site and claim access STEP 2: Use the 100 secure order form for your investment

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STEP 3: Get access to the members area and follow the easy to use setup STEP 4: Start generating traffic Who Should Use BlogaShop For every Shopify store WordPress site owner desperately seeking a solid traffic solution with very little effort. This is your solution Why Should You Get BlogaShop Now If you’re still skeptical or a bit on the conservative side think about this - if you keep doing the same things over and over again - youll only succeed in getting the same results which is the definition of insanity. If you’re spending an arm and a leg promoting your Shopify store with little to no results then you need to change that. Or if youre an Ecom Super Star then this would just add another revenue stream to your bottom line with little to no out-of-pocket when you invest in BlogaShop PRO Charter Member today. Lets do a quick comparison - having all of these resources in one place would easily set you back 1000 or more per month which equates to 12000 per year minimum just to have all of your articles written for you. Not to mention the amount of time- consuming gut-wrenching processes of finding developers and writers which could take months alone. So the producers figured out a way to provide you with all of this value at a rock bottom investment. But you better hurry as this offer is only good for Charter members. They’ve taken the best of their resources when it comes to using this method with Shopify and Wordpress and bundled it into an incredible highly valuable yet insanely affordable resource that allows anyone to start taking advantage of all the free traffic they can handle. But wait they’ve got even more If you thought BlogaShop couldn’t get any better they’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker However you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does these bonuses will NOT be available anymore. Exclusive Bonuses From BlogaShop Bonus 1: 3 Free Workshop webinars

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Bonus 2: Free Shopify Training Course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert

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Conclusion Let’s have a quick recap of what you’re going to get with BlogaShop today.  The Premium BlogaShop PRO Exclusive Content Library  The BlogaShop PRO Spinner Vortex  The BlogaShop PRO Membership Vault  BlogaShop PRO SEO Optimization  FREE Workshop Webinars Fast Action Bonus  The BlogaShop PRO YouTube Snatcher  The BlogaShop PRO Royalty Free Image Library  The BlogaShop PRO Comment Moderator  FREE Shopify Training Course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert Fast Action Bonus So there you have it Everything is all ready to go to help you get truckloads of free traffic for your Shopify and Wordpress sites Thank you for reading my review. BlogaShop BlogaShop review BlogaShop review and bonus Get BlogaShop BlogaShop review demo and bonus BlogaShop BlogaShop review BlogaShop review and bonus BlogaShop reviews BlogaShop reviews and bonuses BlogaShop discount BlogaShop bonus BlogaShop bonuses BlogaShop review and discount BlogaShop review in detail

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