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INTRODUCTION If you love doing workout and the nearest gym is not so near from your home Or you have a shortage of time Or any other reason. I will provide you some great tips which will help you in building your wonderful Home Gym and saving your money.

But first, lets see why you should build your Home Gym:

But first, lets see why you should build your Home Gym You can do your Workout any time You can be comfortable Time is not going to be a constraint You have limited time You like to stay in your zone

Building Your Home Gym:

Building Your Home Gym I have a 7 step guide which I am going to share with you so lets begin.

1.) Create a Dedicated Space:

1.) Create a Dedicated Space Yes, First thing is to Create a devoted space for your Workout. It should be distraction free. You don’t want people to move here and there in the middle of your workout and your Gym stuff to be rolling around the house.

2.) Harmonize yourself with the environment:

2.) Harmonize yourself with the environment Blend with your new Home Gym and adapt the changes it will help you in long run. Put a Mirror, Speakers, Pictures and Posters in the room to Harmonize with your Room.

3.) Invest in Floor Pads:

3.) Invest in Floor Pads Floor Pads are important for your Home Gym in the long run. It will protect the floor from the damage and provide you the necessary grip during workout, and reduces the pressure on your joints.

4.) Hire a Gym Trainer:

4.) Hire a Gym Trainer Yes, Don’t worry, I am not telling you to hire an instructor, there are 100s of Trainer available for you on YouTube or you can download an App on your Smartphone, just follow one and follow dedicatedly.

5.) Do Body Weight Exercises :

5.) Do Body Weight Exercises Your body is the ultimate Gym equipment. You don’t have to buy all the heavy weight equipments. Do the exercises such as chair digs, burpees, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups and many more as much as you can, you can check more body weight exercises on Videos on Internet.

6.) Invest in small gym Equipment:

6.) Invest in small gym Equipment While Building your Home Gym, start from small Equipment which are productive and are light on your pocket. Buy utilities such as Skipping rope, Yoga mat, Abs Wheel, Pull bar and Suspension trainers. Check here for the best home gym Kit Guide.

7.) Make your own weight:

7.) Make your own weight Use your everyday objects to build your weight for exercise. Use the containers, fill them with water, use stones and weight them, mold the cement in the shape of dumbbells, it will save you some money and you will me more attached and dedicated to your workouts.

Concluding Note:

Concluding Note Remember equipments are just a part of the Workout, you can do different types of exercises with the minimum facilities you have. You just need the basic set up to get started. Starting workout at home is easy, but it needs a lot of dedication and self discipline to keep doing it in long run. So Start Making your home GYM.

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