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Furniture Design & Technology (FDT) Magazine is a 'Combo' concept with Regular columns focus on Machines, Materials, Markets, and Men & Management. In the design segment, you can expect FDT to present trends (as we see), designers perspective, furniture design from around the world, hot selling item from across the Globe, and interesting topics with a research driven approach. For more information visit-


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Editor’s Note Mail to: SMS at: 9310612991 or whatsapp on: 09810612991 T he furniture Industry in India is a subject where everyone has something to comment upon. Being almost an unorganised segment of the industry lot of suggestions are coming in. Lot of changes plenty of modernisation on the basis of innovations are happening and are being accepted by the industry people. Visiting different belts during the last one and half years in the clusters of furniture industries such as to interior decorators modular furniture plants panel converters and carpenters what I felt that some where the changes are yet to sweep towards the roots. Thanks to the veteran of the industry and our loving hero Lt. Mr Ramu we had a great support to woodworking and furniture making industry in India. He has been able to cover a long distance but his mission is yet to see a fnishing point to attain maturity in the industry. There are around 20000 plus registered/unregistered enterprises which are functional in India and doing well for production either less or to the optimum level. Over 66 percent of them were visited and interviewed by the team FURNITURE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY FTD during last three years out of the curiosity to take the wood panel industries to another level. The most vital fndings are even now 92 percent of the total visited establishments big or small lack the basic knowledge know how of various machine tools. Most of them are unaware of the programmes events and even the companies brands which are functional in this segment of the industry. Over 74 percent of them are not very sure even about a panel saw cutter or new range of adhesives or polishes. The survey fndings astonished us showing a huge gap in terms of reaching content knowledge and information to them despite being in the age of communication revolution and the latest business model like E-commerce. The brighter side of that was the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm and curiosity to grow to adopt and to learn. The coming issues of Furniture Design Technology FDT will prove my point that there is enough opportunities for growth and attain a greater level of ROI return on investment. In short this magazine is an effort to spread awareness to the bottom of Furniture industry chain with practicality pictorially simply along with market info and design trends features etc. The FDT: A NEW PROSPECT combo design technology may raise doubt but that’s where actually we are good at. We have been making things to move at revolutionary pace with innovative ideas and ways of working. Alongwith our two other fagship magazines we will again make difference. The progress gives us enormous strength and satisfaction in the profession of business journalism. Having a background of business journalism since last 15 years with Ply Reporter and over 5 years old Surfaces Reporter we have been working to spread knowledge and information down to the end of the chain Even with our other established monthly magazines The Ply Reporter–catering to wood panel business trade and Surfaces Reporter–addressing to material designs innovation info for architects and designers we were not able to extend the benefts directly to furniture makers and OEMs. In fact these two monthly magazines are the obvious base that has given us exposure knowledge data and numbers and thus give us huge confdence to serve the need of Furniture Industry Trade in better way. The Furniture Design Technology FDT is unique magazine in its presentation which will slowly unfold every month and become a part of your monthly dose of knowledge. What makes us special is our grip at the market pulse. This magazine is being brought to you as our due contribution to the huge Wood based Industries because we owe it. There is a lot of unorganised working here that’s why we see a huge opportunity to place new ideas for the growth of trade at the same time to burn our calories serving them rather than hitting the Gym. We are committed to contribute to bring awareness to a higher level with all your support and best wishes. Wishing you better opportunities ahead Pragat Dvivedi

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