Various Applications Of Nickel Alloy Bars


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Various Applications Of Nickel Alloy Bars :

Various Applications Of Nickel Alloy Bars

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There are many alloys including Nickel which is used in the Aerospace, Chemical, Petrochemical, Marine, Oil and Gas, Power generation and Waste processing Industries.

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Nickel alloy bars are precipitation-hardening from nickel-chromium alloy that contains of significant amount of iron, columbium and molybdenum.

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These also contain of small amount of aluminum and titanium, thus, the jet plane engines are made using these bars.

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These are commercially pure nickel which features good electrical, magnetic and magneto-strictive properties.

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These bars are used for building many industrial processing plants, essential to make machines. Since these are one of the toughest structural materials, these are non-ferrous metals with high tensile strength and toughness.

Properties of Nickel Alloy Bar:

Non-magnetic and thus corrosion resistant & oxidation resistance Properties of Nickel Alloy Bar

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Used for parts requiring high resistance to creep & stress rupture

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Exhibits excellent tensile & impact properties even at cryogenic temperatures.

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It also has relatively good weldability and formability.

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Nickel round bars requires a minimum yield strength of 150,000 psi at room temperature.

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Classified as a precipitation-hardening alloy that can be age hardened by heat treatment.

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