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My fancy dress mask is flat or misshapen:

My fancy dress mask is flat or misshapen Help! d.i.y fancy dress tutorial c/o Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Worry not, fancy dressers…:

Worry not, fancy dressers… Some costumes include masks or other rubber items which will be sent flat in the post. You’ll be worried about looking like our primate friend there when you put it on. There’s a simple solution, and everyone has one… A hairdryer!


Instructions… Because of the nature of the plastic some face masks are made of, they will keep their shape. This means if they’re flat they’ll stay flat – but the good news is if they’re moulded to fit your face, they’ll stay like that too. All you need to do is warm up the mask (or other item), mould it to the shape you need, and let it cool again. If you're in a rush or it won't stay in the shape you want it when you let go, you can even run it under cold water to speed the cooling process - just be careful you keep electricals away from water! NB: Don't heat your mask for too long or it could melt! Just use the hairdryer (or similar - the steam from a kettle could be sufficient) until the plastic becomes pliable. Only use this method on rubbery, bendy plastic - fragile, thin plastic masks will melt!

Have a horrific Halloween!:

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