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Accountancy Training Program The course covers a range of topics and technical skills required to enhance the management accounting skills. After this training you can confidently apply for following job roles  Management Accountant  Financial Controller  Finance Manager  Junior Management Accountant Aims of the training:  - To grasp the main techniques of management accounting for the decision making  - To understand the effectiveness and range of management accounting tools  - To understand the application of these instruments to any new scenarios  - To process calculator analyses and evaluate the outcomes of these management accounting models there causes and effects on the decisions making.

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With all this understanding you will gain following Skills:  - Decision making based on results and Commentary on the results  - To be able to independently process the management accounting tools  - Flexibility to fit the different models to the business reality Description: Management Accounting Training 1. Management Accounting: Introduction and Tools 2. Fundamental concepts and knowledge building around the subject 3. Income statement types Absorption and variable costing 4. Understanding and processing Cost-Volume-Profit analysis 5. Processing and calculating the Pricing tools and making decisions based on results Target costing 6. Understating various Budgeting techniques Operational and Financial 7. Job and Process costing 8. ABC and Sections Training Methodology Trainees who are seeking roles as management accountants need understanding of following

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 Cost and departmental analysis  Budget and forecasting  Departmental analysis Management accounting training aims to provide: 1. Learning development through practical skills training and real client scenarios 2. Technical skills development through exercises solving by the student and explained and discussing in the classroom. Features: Web / Desktop Base. Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions. Presentations/Demonstration/Practical’s of concepts. Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients. 100 Interview Guarantee.

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