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CONDITIONALS There are four main types: Zero conditionals First conditionals Second conditionals Third conditionals

Zero conditional : 

Zero conditional True situations E.g.: If you freeze water, it turns into ice. or It turns into ice if you freeze water (you can reverse them and “,” disappears). IF + Present Simple , Present Simple


FIRST CONDITIONAL Real or possible situation E.g.: If I study more, I will pass the exam. IF + Present Simple , Future (will + infinitive)


SECOND CONDITIONAL Hypothetical situation / unreal E.g.: If I won the lottery, I would buy a car. IF + Past simple , conditional (would + infinitive)


THIRD CONDITIONAL Hypothetical situation in the past (it didn’t happen) no possibility of becoming true. E.g.: If I had studied more, I would have passed the exam. IF +Past Perfect (= had + past participle), Conditional Perfect (= would + have + Past Participle)


WISH 1. WISH + Past simple / past continuous USE: We want something from the present to change. E.g.: I wish I didn’t have to work. (but I have to work) 2. WISH + Past perfect USE: We regret something from the past. E.g.: I wish I had told you! (but I didn’t tell you) 3. WISH + WOULD USE: To complain about a thing or situation. E.g.: I wish you would be nice to your sister. (you are not nice to your sister)


AS LONG AS / PROVIDING THAT Translation: “Sempre que” Used in 1rst and 2nd conditional types ► I will help you with Maths, as long as you help me with English. ► As long as you help me with English, I will help you with Maths. ► You will go to London, providing that you get good grades in school.

UNLESS / if not : 

UNLESS / if not Translation: “a no ser que” “ tret que” “ si no” ► Unless you study more, you won’t pass the exams this year. ► If you don’t study more, you won’t pass the exams this year.

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